You Have To Go See This

Okay, I made the video and you all have to go see how we are managing to keep our Obama sign in the yard.

I have done a lot of videos in my lifetime, but I have never edited one. This was my first go.

It’s part reenactment, part prank, all fun.

It’s only four minutes long and that includes the bloopers and credits.

Enjoy the show and make sure you have the sound on:

Let me know what you think, even if you think it sucks. We all had a lot of fun doing it.


39 thoughts on “You Have To Go See This

  1. Oh it rocks , its funny and what else, the above comment gave all the words i require. 🙂

    No matter where i am and what i do , when i come here its totally different day for me.
    Healthy blog and keep writing , love you.


  2. Thanks, it was so much fun making this.

    I’m going to change the video out on YouTube to a higher quality copy, so if you come back and watch it again in a half hour from now it’s a lot better. Some of the effects didn’t show up in the current version.

  3. I’m still waiting on the higher quality video to finish processing. I’ll link when it’s up.

    Thanks Melanie, glad to know we gave you a laugh today.

    Ha ha, don’t get me started, Blane.

  4. Hey Max, one of those songs was in Matrix.

    AJ, I think what helped me finally get iMovie is that I upgraded the RAM in the computer.
    That, and I was so damned mad about someone pinching my sign I had to get it off my chest some kind of way.

  5. I’m plumb exhausted thinking about the work that went into this. How can you put together something like this clever and involved (the whining in my family would be horrific)? KUDOS!

  6. I really didn’t have a lot of time to work on this. All the footage you see is about all I got but not in the order that I shot it.

    When I was growing up, my mother managed a movie theater and had to splice films together every week. I used to save the little film scraps and make my own stories out of that.

    I’ve been thinking for a long time about how I’d like to make this or that video but had no idea how it worked because I couldn’t get my hands on something physical and tape it together as I could with the films. Finally, it all just clicked. It is virtually the same thing as splicing film. It helps to have a fast computer also.

  7. Awesome soundtrack and fantastic sunglasses. The ‘leaf beast’ was the best. Definitely something you might want to use on Halloween to scare the crap out of the kids after they get their candy.

  8. Yeah, the McCain signs in my neighborhood are gone now. It wasn’t me, I swear.

    Someone emailed me a photo of a McCain supporter’s sign. It said something like, “You messed with my first amendment right when you took my sign. Do it again and I’ll show you something about my second amendment right.”

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  10. Thanks Z.

    Anita, we hung Obama door hangers for 4 1/2 hours today in my precinct. Only had one lady tear it up in front of our faces. LOL. Her husband is a good friend of ours and we knocked on the door when we saw the McCain sign in their yard.

    I made one new friend while walking and got her signed up to do door hangers this week. We might not end up turning Texas blue, but I think it will hugely help down ticket candidates.

    GObama pct 121!

  11. Do any of you Obaheads realize what a democrat controlled congress will do with a democrat president in office? Do you not realize that America’s enemies are openly rooting for Obama? Doesn’t that give you a hint? Woof. God save us and our kids if it comes to pass.

  12. Your terrorist source is using reverse psychology.
    They would not tell us who they really want, would they? Think about it. Terrorists can’t be trusted. They lie.

    They want McCain. Obama is bad for the terrorist business.

  13. You make me happy, Kitty. You just do. It’s weird. I don’t even KNOW you. But you make me happy. Thanks! I’m going to go to bed now and think a happy thought about the possibilities for the future of our screwed up country. Hell, if there’s people like you in TEXAS, maybe our country CAN go in a new direction. . .

  14. Yeah Julie, even the cool melt glue guns are too hot for me to handle. I don’t think I’ve ever used one of those things without burning myself.
    Superglue? I always get that stuff all over my hands no matter how hard I try to be careful.

  15. Thanks Stil. Those are some old glasses, I don’t usually wear them but was trying to do anything to keep from laughing or looking at myself on the webcam.

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