Leaf Creature Costume

We’re having a lot of fun with the leaf creature costume I made last weekend. If you haven’t seen the video, that link is :::here:::.

It was very simple to make. I bought four silk leaf garlands ($5 each) in the home deco section of a discount store, a black Lycra long sleeve shirt ($8) and pant ($10). You can find those in the exercise section, it is made of the same fabric they make swim suits and biker shorts.

I cut off the leaves with wire cutters and used the hot glue gun to attach the leaves.

Just one little dot of glue is all you need and do this while the costume is on the hanger, not on you. Be careful with that stuff, I practically burnt my thumbprint off. 


You don’t want it too dense. Leave some black space so it will blend in with shrubs.

I used an old rubber mask that’s been hanging around here for the head, glued leaves on that.

And here is the leaf creature costume worn by Blane. He’s pretending to be a topiary.


Can you see him now? We went knock on the neighbor’s door to try to scare him but he wasn’t home.

How about now? Where is he?

No, leaf creature, no! Leave my Obama sign alone!

I think leaf creature has been hanging out with Spiderman.


14 thoughts on “Leaf Creature Costume

  1. We tried, Z. LOL.

    Dennis, I stole this idea from “Fright Fest” which is going on at a nearby amusement park. This guy was prowling around in a suit like this scaring the people waiting to get on the haunted rides.

  2. I might, Michele. Spanky is having a halloween party and I might greet them when they ring the doorbell. If it’s cold, I won’t do it.

    Thanks Ruth. So far this last sign hasn’t been stolen.

  3. I LOVE the Where’s Waldo vibe to those pictures… “Kids, can you find the creepy leaf creature hiding in this picture? No, don’t cry little Timmy, he won’t eat you… much…”

    It is a kick-ass costume.

    Nicely done my friend, nicely done.

  4. I love leaf creature! He kicks butt!

    Ok now girl, you’ve gone and done it. You’ve brought out my competitive Martha Stewart side. I’m going to hide to make a cake, or construct a leaf man, or win some kind of photo comp just to keep up or one up! HA!

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