Some Things You May Not Know About Me

I got hit with a meme twice this week, once by Gabriel, and again by Max.  They are similar, so I’m marrying them (the memes, not the bloggers) and making one. A mutant meme.

Seven things you may not know about me:

1. I had freckles but had them removed with a laser.

2. When I was a nurse I never wore the matching scrubs with my unit. I always wore whites. Not one person ever said anything about it.

3. I also wore high heeled nursing shoes that killed my feet in my first year.

4. I love people. All of them.

5. I have a bad habit of scraping the callous off my feet until they bleed. I am always on my feet, it makes no sense.

6. I was on the basketball team in middle school.

7. I am not ashamed to admit I can be the most boring person at a party. Sometimes I’m just not feeling it and I often find myself where i don’t belong. Look at #6 again. See?

Since I was tagged twice, I get to hit 12 people total. I did a special math to choose these blogs, don’t ask me to reproduce that math, it is my worst subject.

Oygirl Michele, Inked Blots Michele, Melanie, Pooks, Ginny, FinPenLea, Frances, Linda, Clare, tpgoddess, Bunk. 

If you were tagged you have to do this and link back to this blog and then tag six other people. Do that and I’ll take you for a ride in my car.

Oh yeah, this is what I drive:

Zoom zoom zoom.

37 thoughts on “Some Things You May Not Know About Me

  1. I love freckles… but I also love lasers. I’m torn, but watching lasers burn off freckles would be pretty cool.

    I was pretty good on the outside courts, but I lasted less than two minutes in an exhibition game on my high school basketball game. I wanted to try out for the team just to prove something to myself, but I had no idea what position I was then, or now. I think, technically, I was the fouler. Because that’s pretty much all I did. I seem to remember my coach just assuming I knew the rules.

    We’d have to comment on each other’s blog a few times before I let you marry us, but if Max is down with getting hitched then I’d be totally into it…

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  3. Cool car 🙂 I’ll get to this eventually..ok, maybe this weekend. And #4? You are so so much better than me. I’m just about the opposite! OK, maybe not, depends on the day. And the people.

  4. Gabriel, I love freckles on other people, but not on myself. My neck is super white with no freckles so I always had to wear makeup so my face would match my body. I don’t have to wear makeup anymore.

    Ah, Michele, you wanna go for another ride? We could go racing next time.

    TP, my husband is always saying “I hate people!” He doesn’t, really, but he likes to say it when he gets frustrated.

    Yeah Ginny, this laser targets only the freckles. This was about ten years ago, maybe there is a new way to do it, but the machine they used is called EpiLight. It is also used to remove birthmarks and unwanted hair. The treatment is not too bad and felt like a little rubber band popping me. The darkened pigmentation (freckles, birthmarks) takes the heat and falls off a few days later.

    It was an odd thing when they did. I wiped them off with a washrag. You could see every little freckle on the washcloth. Sort of like those Biore strips for the nose and everyone has to come see.

  5. You tagged me because my ‘about’ page is blank, I know you did. 🙂
    And ditto on #7

    You’ll have your seven by Monday!

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  7. I’ll play! Just gimme a couple days to find the time to post my 7 things! Interesting about the freckles! I’d like to have my age spots removed at some point.

  8. I haven’t made it past one yet because I’m upset you had your freckles removed? Why oh why????

    Oh hell. I did too. Well, I used some professional fading cream but I left most on my nose. Did you know Lancome was making freckle pens? When I heard that I felt bad. People want to be like us!

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  10. uhm… lithium is a salt, and salt looks like diamonds, and I do have a lot (A LOT) of lithium. So… WHOOHOO! You’ll love Canada, Max. Last year my little village received over twenty-feet of snow, and next spring we’re hoping to get electricity. It’s a great time to become a Canadian.

  11. Gabriel–

    Heads up. People in So.Cal. are weenies when it comes to weather. Two drops of rain per hour, or one small cloud of farts on the horizon, and the local TV stations interrupt all programs to broadcast a “Storm Watch.” Gotta take it in context.

    If we ever had a freak snowstorm, I’d take a lawnchair and a cooler full of cheap beer, and sit down on the side of the 405 an’ laff an’ laff an’ laff. (That’s just the kinda guy I am.)

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