Graveyard Cake

Here’s a cake I made for Spanky’s Halloween party tonight. 

Have a great Halloween!


11 thoughts on “Graveyard Cake

  1. LOVE the cake!

    Tagged again…so, okey-dokey, this time, I’m gonna play. Rosa over at tagged me this week, too, with “6 things…” so, I’m taking your lead, and combining the two. I get kinda carried away with things, so maybe, since one of our gang’s favorite numbers is 13, I’ll post “13 things…” and make my tagees really freakin’ crazy. Huh, that doesn’t sound very nice, does it? Like I’m upping the ante or something, or using the meme as a weapon. Not my intention, and maybe, I’ll split the difference and do “6.5 things…” And, so goes my numbers-obsessed mind.

    I’m out of town again, until tomorrow night, so I may not get to the meme for a few days. Who knows? Today is the first day of NaNoWriMo, and what was I thinking, I signed on. I’m not so sure I can fit 1666 additional words into my days right now, but I’ll give it a shot.

    Oh, one more thing. Next time I’m in Texas, I’ll stop by your neck o’ the woods, and maybe we can meet for coffee. That would be a kick.


  2. Thanks, Nursemyra. It was a red velvet cake, so when I stuck the knife in it and pulled it back out, it looked as if it was bleeding. Big hit with the teenagers.

    I’ll have to post a photo on that soon.

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