Laugh Myself Silly

Man. I am laughing like a hyena here. It all started when I went to read a guest post of Ginny’s on Brian’s blog. Somehow I ended up at a post the dude did on his unibrow

Actually it was about a book bag/man purse and he had a poll asking whether he should keep it or not as well as a toss in opinion regarding the unibrow. I’ve never seen a unibrow like that before and showed it to Spanky. She thought maybe it was Photoshopped. Anyway, long story short, I’m usually nice to other bloggers and am careful about how I say things to others. Normally I don’t comment on something if I can’t think of a nice way to say it or if I don’t want to get involved. 

I almost didn’t comment, then thought maybe no one ever tells him the truth about it, that it had to go. He had to know, and I had to say something. I told him to yank it. 

I felt a little bad about it and wondered if maybe I was being shallow. Then I thought back to my own brows, how for so many years I plucked them myself and they looked like total crap. Only I didn’t know they looked bad. Someone finally told me and suggested a salon that does good work. I went and wow, what a difference. Looking back at some old photos I can’t believe how long it took someone, anyone, to tell me one side of my face did not look like the other. 

I’m glad I was honest.

You should go read Brian’s post, The Taming of the Brow for a good laugh (it has photos and everything). I can’t wait to show that to Spanky tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Laugh Myself Silly

  1. Kitty,

    Thanks for the love, my friend. Up next, my public service announcement for men who are great with hair between the eyebrows . . . “If I can do it, so can you!”


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