We Might Have to Punk the Boy

My son has been having some problems keeping his Obama sign in his yard, so he set up a hidden camera and has it up on a website that shows live streaming video of his sign. Anyone can watch.

That cracks me up. Here’s the link, go see:

Steal Blane Jr.’s Obama Sign Live Streaming Video

Once you see the player, you have to click on play. The screen will be blank for about 5 seconds.

Oh, and I swear, I will not get in that leaf creature costume and steal his sign at 10 PM CST tonight.


14 thoughts on “We Might Have to Punk the Boy

  1. This ended up being a double punk. Blane knew I was coming over at 10 to steal his sign but I went at 9:45. I rigged up some fish hooks and fishing string and snuck to where the camera couldn’t see me. I had a sinker attached to the end of the string so it would just wrap around the frame of the sign and hook it up. At 10PM sharp, I was just going to pull the sign up with my invisible gadget.

    It was supposed to work. My fishing line trick ended up hooking to the tree, to the rope holding up the tree, even to me. Everything but the sign.

    Then around 10 Blane came outside with a halloween mask and scared me silly. While Blane and Blane Jr. and Angela were talking a few minutes later, I wandered off and snuck up to the sign and uprooted it.

    Which is why he now has two signs in his yard. LOL.

  2. I already did it.

    Tomorrow I’ll have to go by while he’s at work and put a stolen McCain sign in front of the camera. Just to see if he’s watching. LOL.

  3. I couldn’t believe it when I drove down the road and saw two McCain/Palin signs! The rest of the state calls Arlington VA “commie liberal country (just ask McCain’s just as temperamental idiot brother, Joe).

    Sure, where I live has plenty of freaking fashion challenged dorks and lame work obsessed people, but here’s a snippet from our Wiki entry:

    In 2005 Arlington was ranked first among walkable cities in the United States by the American Podiatric Medical Association.[3] CNN Money ranked Arlington as the most educated city in 2006 with 35.7% of residents having held graduate degrees. BusinessWeek ranked Arlington as the safest city weather a recession in on October 2008 with a 49.4% share of jobs in ‘strong industries’.[4] Along with five other Northern Virginia counties, Arlington ranked among the twenty U.S. counties with the highest median household income in 2006.[5][6]

    And that’s just the beginning. I guess living in bleeding heart liberal commie country has its advantages.

  4. Your area sounds a lot like mine but the reverse on politics.

    I sure wish Texas would go blue tonight. It’s a crazy long shot, but with all that hope in the zeitgeist, maybe.

  5. They can call it early if it is trending.

    Did you know in France they call elections on exit polls?

    You’ve got election jitters don’t you? I do too. Thanks for coming around here, Stil. I’m about to come out of my skin.

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