Scrap, Working Like a Dawg

I completely forgot to tell you about my terrier, Scrappy and her relentless work for the Obama campaign.

First, when the primaries were going on and we were all for Hillary (even Mireille my other terrier was for Hillary), Scrappy broke for Obama. I know this because every time he came on tv Scrap would stop what she was doing, climb on the highest spot on the sofa and watch him speak.

When you say “Obama” she tilts her head. Without fail.

So when I went out to do block walking for Change…


Guess who had to come with me?


That’s right. Scrap did. She even let all the little children we saw pet her. She learned the routine quick. Walk up the sidewalk, turn when we get to a house, and as soon as she heard the doorhanger snap onto a doorknob, she was turned around and ready to “hit” the next house.


What a dog!


11 thoughts on “Scrap, Working Like a Dawg

  1. They look a lot alike. Scrappy is a wheaten color which is extremely difficult to photograph. I have to do custom white balance to get a good color read on her. These pics are from my camera phone, so they don’t really show her true color.

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