This is the Moment

Last week Sweetpea and I waited in this line…


For one of these machines…


To vote for this man…


And his fellow democrats on the ballot.

Then Blane came just as we were voting. We were supposed to save him a place in line but he was a nanosecond too late.

So I waited with him in line all over again.

We talked. We laughed. We made history. But that’s not why we voted for a black man. We’re tired of the lies, the fear tactics, the greed, the theft of our nation’s treasure and blood. We want change and all else Obama brings to this suffering nation. Honor. Respect. Integrity. Hope.

Do this with me. Go vote. Join us.

This is the Moment.


11 thoughts on “This is the Moment

  1. It’s 3:22am in Los Angeles and raining for only the second time since who knows when. I’m wide awake. I was going to wait until after work to drop off my absentee ballot in person with Andy after work. But I’m going crazy. Maybe I’ll go at 7am. Is anyone sleeping anywhere? How?

  2. Hi Ruth – another SoCal gal checking in! I was up at 5am and walked in my absentee ballot at 7:20 – polling place right next to my sons school so we walked in together.

    It’s like Christmas morning – I swear! GOBAMA.

  3. You are all such good citizens for getting out there and voting in the rain and cold and without sleep.
    Maybe we’ll know the answer in five hours from now?

  4. This will so far be the most exciting and historical election (not counting that Bush/Gore fiasco) to occur during my lifetime. I cannot wait to watch the returns tonight and be part of a monumental moment in the history of America!

    BTW, your voting booths look completely different from ours.

  5. We have those Diebold machines which make me a little paranoid. Diebold looks too much like diablo, but I know they can be hacked. We’ve got a lot of election watchers here to make sure there’s no thieving, so I feel a little better about that.

  6. We were offered two options – machine and paper ballot. Being from the computerized age, I chose the former but I feel confident everything is going to be all right. I am being optimistic though.

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