America the Beautiful


Photo from Huffington Post.

What a moment. What a day to be an American. God I love this country.


15 thoughts on “America the Beautiful

  1. Kumar, every place I went yesterday people seemed so happy. Like you couldn’t do a thing to ruin their day. LOL.

    As Obama said, this is only the opportunity for change. There is a lot of work to be done.

  2. The Celebration’s where high here too in India, It seems not only USA needs change, the whole world desperately needs a change. Yes there’s lot of work to be done.Lets hope for good.


  3. My French friend phoned me up to congratulate me “and America.” She said everyone was walking around there in Paris smiling. PARIS and SMILING. Don’t hear those two words going together too often, do we?!

  4. I was watching C-Span a couple of days ago and they had twenty minute segments of newscasts from around the world regarding Obama’s victory.

    It was interesting to see the different focus each culture had.
    The French were jubilant but they seemed a little worried that Obama would never be able to live up to the expectations people have of him.
    The chinese didn’t care (except for Hong Kong).
    The Germans were celebrating (more bier!)
    The Russians were just happy it wasn’t McCain as they felt he was still blaming them for his years in a POW camp.
    Al Jezeera had a Palestinian on there who was worried about America’s continual support of Israel no matter who’s in office.
    Oh yeah, Kenya made an Obama Day.

  5. Interesting comparisons. Of course my friend is both Russian by birth and French by marriage. She got double the happiness, I guess. I know she was terribly worried about what a President McCain would do with Russia….

    I’m just joking about these stereotypes, you know?! I love Paris.

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