Fireside Chats 2.0

Have you ever listened to the president’s weekly radio address? I wouldn’t even know how to find that on my radio. I might have heard one of them in my entire life and it was probably a wav file on some website somewhere right after Sept. 11th. I usually catch the gist of it later in a newspaper or magazine.

Now it is easier than ever to get your weekly dose of the nation’s Major Dude in Charge. Obama’s doing his on YouTube!

Here’s the first one, out today, from the president-elect.

He also has a website, so we can keep up with what’s going on in his administration.

What I like about this besides the transparency and accessibility is his ability to bypass the mainstream media. A while back, I signed up for Obama text messages. If he ever wants to get out some information, all he has to do is text his massive list of subscribers. He doesn’t have to go to ABC or CBS, call a press conference and deal with their filters, pundits, whatever.

What that tells me is he trusts the American public to be smart enough to understand the message and he wants people to be involved in government.

And that is just what we need right now for starters, whether you like him or not. Yet.


4 thoughts on “Fireside Chats 2.0

  1. We should have had this years ago. I can’t believe Obama will be the first president with a laptop. I was floored when I heard that.
    No wonder the economy is in the shape it is.

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