Car Fights

Since Blane and I both work from home we only really need one car most of the time. Blane sold his car, a manual so we could get one with an automatic transmission for Spanky to learn how to drive.

Now you know Blane is a cheap bastard and he doesn’t buy anything until he gets what he wants at the price he wants it. At the end of October he walked from a deal over a $400 difference. That’s supposed to be the best month to deal.

Keep in mind Blane’s been hogging my car for two months. Pushing the seat all the way back, tilting the backrest, fucking with my mirrors, moving that sticky pad for my phone to where he likes it, and the worst of all, bringing it home on empty. He’s probably flipping people off in there, too, ruining my car’s reputation around here.

I don’t complain, he did sell his car so Spanky could learn how to drive before she gets her license (she has a permit now and can drive with an adult in the car).

Last weekend he finally got the guy to the price he wanted and got a car, one which which will be Spanky’s when she gets her license in April.

Now that “we” have this new car, I haven’t gotten a chance to drive it. When I need to go somewhere, he’s in it. Three days and I haven’t even been behind the wheel. He had to go out of town today and I thought for sure he’d take my old junker, but no, when I looked in the garage the new car was gone, gone, gone.

It’s a nice color, a sapphire blue. Spanky loves it but she doesn’t seem too excited about it. She drove it half-way around the block and that’s it. After Blane came back from the airport I asked if she wanted to drive and she said she had to go study.

I guess maybe when she can drive it all by herself she’ll like it more.

For now? It’s ours, and Blane and I will be fighting over it. It’s a cute car.

And Spanky may have to fight us for it when she’s old enough to get her license.


7 thoughts on “Car Fights

  1. I don’t know. Maybe its living in the country where the boys drove equipment for work and have quads but my 18 year old still hasn’t got his license and my almost 16 year old doesn’t seem too het up about it either. Or, my theory, today’s kids have parent’s who will drive them anywhere–if you have a chauffer who needs a license?

  2. There’s nothing sucky about the car (she got to choose it), so it’s not that.

    I think it is fear of getting into an accident, really. That, and a little bit of what Kym said, who needs a license when they have a chauffer to drive them around?

  3. I finally took her out driving yesterday and she did extremely well. I think the more she practices, the more it will ease both of our minds.

    First day out, there i was telling her, “Watch that guy, he’s taking a left and he might try to cut in front of you even though you have…”
    (The guy cuts across our path)
    “…the right of way.”

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