Celeb Hair?

Just after Angela donated her hair to Locks of Love, Spanky decided to do the same. While digging around for links for the blog post, Pimp My Hair, regarding Angela’s donation, I found some controversy surrounding that organization. A lot of the hair gets thrown away and some of it is sold to cover operating costs.

I mean, where did this chick’s new hair come from?


So I told Spanky it was a nice thing to do, but there might be a chance her hair would never make it into a wig for a child with alopecia (balding) but on Britney Spears’ head.

She said she was going to do it just in case, and grew out her already long hair for another year.

Apparently this is a big thing amongst high school girls, to grow their hair out for Locks of Love. A lot of them assume it is to make a wig for cancer patients. It is not, and their website clearly states that.

While in the salon a few months ago, I mentioned to the stylist why she hadn’t seen Spanky in such a long time. She told me the salon did the cutting and took care of the shipping to Locks. They also gave a 50% discount on the cut.

So, Wednesday was the day. 


Her hair was to her hips.


The stylist made two ponytails, each twelve inches long and cut my baby’s hair. (the minimum donation amount is ten inches) 

Spanky said she felt as if she was holding two cut off extremities.

Then while she was waiting for the stylist to finish with my hair, I caught her in a moment of boredom, blowing on her side bangs, watching them go up in the air then watching them land back into her face.

Today she says she has absolutely no regrets.

I wonder if she’ll be thinking what I’m thinking when we see a blonde celeb in the tabloids a few months from now?


11 thoughts on “Celeb Hair?

  1. Kids are so much more positive and less cynical than we grown-ups. I’ve known about the potential for abuse by this organization for quite a while, but my daughter, like yours, still did it. Perhaps there is a certain amount of hope that comes with selective knowledge . . .

  2. A young girl giving up her hair for a child is an act of pure selflessness.
    What an amazing young person!
    Where ever that hair goes, it does not change the fact that Spanky (and Angela) are beautiful outside and inside.

  3. I better not catch you with long blonde hair any time soon, Michele.

    So true, Leah, no matter what happens to the hair, they both did a good deed.

    Tysd, it’s like a rite of passage with these kids. When I was that age all we had to do was smoke a ciggie and down a bottle of Strawberry Hill.
    Kids have it way harder these days.

  4. Yeah, hair donating. I’ve done it twice. Once to Locks of Love, and once to Wigs For Kids.

    And Spanky’s hair is gorgeous. I can’t see them not wigging that up.

  5. I wanted to do this for my sister after she went through her cancer treatments and lost her hair- I had long, long lonnnggg hair more then enough for a wig and because me and Es had the same coloring we figured no one would ever guess she had a wig-

    Until I found out how much it would cost.

    I couldn’t do it for my sister so I didn’t do it for anyone.

    If I could do it over, I’d have donated it anyway, but for real at the time I was pretty angry- she actually had a pretty good outlook on things when she went bald and so did my friend who lost her hair to treatments as well, but most people are really devasted by that loss and I feel like a toad for not being a better person- so good for people who do this.

    anita marie

  6. That is a beautiful thing for you to offer your sister your hair.
    If it makes you feel any better Anita, it takes 7 to 10 of those ponytails to make one wig.

  7. I wonder what my brother did with his hair. He used to have beautiful locks down to his butt – thick, glossy, absolutely stunning (think the singer from The Cult). I hope he did something good with it.

    BTW, I like Spanky’s new do. Looks good and modern, too.

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