Happy Thanksgiving

I began preparing for the feast a couple of days ago by baking the pumpkin from Halloween.

350 degree oven for an hour.

I ended up with 20 cups of pumpkin meat so I packaged most of it and shipped it to the freezer.

I saved some for this pumpkin bread using this recipe.

Which is delicious.

The pumpkin pie did not turn out so well. It is inedible. Probably put too much egg in it. Yuck. What a disaster.

I deboned a turkey and now am too tired to do anything with it. So I’m left with this long sheet of raw turkey which at one time got so knotted up and inside out I had to just stop and laugh. It’s so heavy and floppy (26 pounds) and the skin was all over the place. I managed to get it all seasoned and rolled up and will wake up early and stuff it or something.

After a little bit of sleep, I will continue making the goods and by the time everyone gets here I will be thankful that it is almost all over with and I can relax.

It’s easier than Christmas, at least i won’t have to have presents for everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving, I’m going catch a few zzzzzz’s.

Wait. Check out Cartoon Network’s float at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade:


5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Once you’re done with that nap you can head over to my place Kitty…I’ve got some things for you to do, you know if you’re not to busy.
    Hugs to you Kitty
    Anita Marie

  2. Thanks Kym, it did turn out great, I think I’ll post a photo of it. I just roasted it and sliced. It was delicious.
    Deboning reduces the cooking time and it doesn’t tend to dry out as regular turkeys.

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