Off Road Guide to Holidailies

This is my favorite time of year to blog. It’s not that I enjoy the holidays, it’s because of the community writing project, Holidailies. Today is Day One and hopefully there will be a new post here every day until January 6th.

I find I write better during this time, not sure if it is because I’m writing every day or if it’s because I know more people are reading and the participation level is high. Probably both.

Holidailies is a great tool for new bloggers to build a blog. That is how mine took off. The bump in traffic is amazing. The first year I averaged thirty hits per day from there. I don’t know how the other blog platforms operate, but with WordPress, it seems once they see all this action going on, your blog post ends up being one of their top posts, so you get tons more traffic from there.

Even if you have an established blog, it is a wonderful way to keep your readership levels up due to blogger attrition.

It’s always extra special to have a post make it to the “Best of Holidailies” list. I have no idea who judges those and how they do it, but I had two make it on there last year.

What I know about those two posts is the titles were catchy and the summaries were screaming, “you have to read this.” Example: “You’re Standing in Quicksand – But Wait, Let Me Get a Picture of This.”

To make the most of your Holidailies experience, here’s my advice:

Go visit other blogs and leave comments.

Answer people who take the time to leave comments on your blog. A lot of times people keep coming back to see if you’ve answered. Ignore them, and they may never read you again.

Here are things people like to read: conflict, anything about kitchen gadgets, travel tales, how to do something well (recipes- dude, those are hot), How to screw something up (make it funny), and anything artistic.

Posts that go up in the evening when everyone is blogging is a great time to put yours up there. Over a hundred people are fighting for attention. If you post at 3AM like I usually do, your post will end up at the bottom of the stack.

If you have a camera, post some photos of what you’re writing about. For instance, if you got in a wreck, show the damage. I love that sort of stuff when I’m reading other blogs. Photos evidence. If your words don’t match the photo, no big deal, it only means you have a great imagination. I’ll be back to your blog.

Speaking of imagination. If you have a daydream or fantasy? Share that. Those are the best posts, ever.

Wishing you all a happy and successful Holidailies. I look forward to “meeting” every one of you.


13 thoughts on “Off Road Guide to Holidailies

  1. i rather liked your suggestion about posting in the evening….. LOL.. i always post first thing in the morning.. which is usually around 6 am.. might be why i found your blog so easily… it was up near the top !!

    enjoy your holidailies……….


  2. Uh huh – right..I blame YOU for dragging me into this…and I even say so on my post for tomorrow 😉

    This is great advice though and I know I will have fun with it. Thanks! (I think)..may grumble at you later when my meager creative juices stop.

  3. Morningstar, the Brits and Aussie bloggers are out in full force at 6AM our time. Oh, your blog template is hilarious.

    Fistbump Boz!

    TP I doubt your creative juices will stop. But if I have a bunch of disgruntled Holidailies bloggers after me that will make a great post.

  4. Hi Kitty!
    I saw your link at Holidailies…guess what, today for my holidailie I didn’t write about Pez OR David Tennant 🙂 It was tough tho’ really tough.

    anita marie

  5. I will not call myself a complete Holidaily success until I get you to sign up, Max.

    Anita, I have a super Pez photo on my mobile for you and only you. I keep meaning to go back to that store and get a better pic with a real camera. You will die when you see it.

    Welcome back to the blogosphere, Meagan. Holidailies is blog magic.

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