No Texting While Body Surfing

Where’s Mercury? It’s gotta be retrograde. The last twenty-four hours have been one craptastic thing after another.

It started when I was ready to do my first Holidailies post. That’s when I found WordPress gutted the dashboard and didn’t put all the buttons back. It wasn’t too terrible at first, almost like getting into someone else’s car and looking for the headlights and windshield wipers. You can still drive the thing.

Then Blane reminded me his cousin was coming to town. I’d forgotten about that and he’d forgotten about the concert tickets I had for the night. No big deal, Spanky could bring a friend. No ticket would be wasted.

Thing is, Spanky ended up having to stay home from school. Just a cold. But it kept getting worse and worse. By late afternoon Spanky said she wasn’t going. So I’m calling everyone I know at the last minute to see if they want these tickets.

Finally Spanky changes her mind and she calls a friend of hers who, turns out had been begging her dad to take her to this exact concert. Lucky kid.

This kid, she’s really nice, but she is freaking loud. She’s a theatre student, so, LOUD. 

And she never stops talking. She talks over the irritating nav system lady’s voice and I miss a key turn. She’s smart enough to know what she does to people’s nerves and apologizes. Poor kid. Poor us. The thing that kept running through my mind was, I hope they have those concert speakers way up, I can’t wait to see this kid’s mouth move and not be able to hear her.

We saw Snow Patrol first, an Irish Indie band that never fail to make me feel melancholy. But what cracked me up about these guys was how they came out cussing up a storm and there was like, no reaction. This audience were, uh, let me just say, more the studious type, not the Metallica crowd. In fact, there was absolutely no pit.

So no body surfing. What I did notice was a ton of people texting. At a concert? Ah hell, I decided to get online too, check the blog. See, I left moderation off and I wanted to see if there was anything out of control over here.

Some way, some how, in all this new WordPress ruckus they managed to change my avatar to my creepy photo of me that I used for the halloween season. Great. I will scare off all the new people on day one. Thanks WordPress. (And many hours later, I am still unable to change back to my smiling-happy-welcome-here face.)

Between sets we went out to the lobby to see who was at the autograph signing table. No clue who these guys were, Carolina something or other, but the fan girls were worked into a frenzy. Two of them crawled under the rope and begged this guy to pose with them for a photo. He rolled his eyes but agreed. What was really pitiful about these “fangirls” was they appeared to be in their late thirties (the band dudes, early twenties).


And they kept giving this poor guy come hither eyes.

Death Cab for Cutie pulled of a great set and we were done for the night. Wait, time to go home and entertain the house guests.

Get in the car, “Empty.” (Blane I will kill you a thousand times for this)


The Nav lady spazing, “Lost satellite reception.”

Finally find a gas station and it’s freezing cold. So I’m sprinting to go pay for the gas and my keychain explodes. Keys all over the parking lot. Don’t ask me how that happened, I am still clueless, but there were little patches of oil for every single key.

So I’m running around the parking lot, dodging cars and picking up keys thinking, I am going to get run over and my legacy on the blog will be that stupid-ass halloween avatar.


17 thoughts on “No Texting While Body Surfing

  1. LOL.

    Sounds like a decent concert at least.

    I awoke to the “wrong” avatar too, and said WTF? WordPress has created a “gravatar” and decided, what the hell, let’s just pick some old random picture. Go to your user account, and you can replace it.

  2. Michele, I managed to change the avatar using Firefox and it looked like it was going to take, then it did nothing.

    Ginny, last year we had a choice to add the snow to the blog. I’d forgotten all about it. This year they just added it without my asking. I think maybe my bad luck streak is coming to an end.

  3. Hi Kitty
    Your legacy won’t be that Halloween thing you’ll be known for making great Gumbo
    As for the new WordPress
    My O/S is so old that I’m having issues all over the place- it’s slow but working.
    Oh well. I do love a challange and if all else fails I can always resort to the Dark Arts again ( oh just kidding )realllly it’s Christmas after all

  4. Snow Patrol and melancholy go hand in hand. I like their songs individually but when I listen to them on an album I find they all blend a bit too much and I dunno, same same sort of sound which is too bad.

  5. Well my links at the bottom of the wordpress page have all gone toes up and my reader shut down for changes last night and did not want to come back up today. Good times.

  6. Oh it is getting better, the entire navigation menu has gone missing on my home page along with every post except the most recent one and that has no comments link. Also if I go to another page and try to use the navigation links at the bottom of that page they all spit out “not found.”

    I feel like one of those commercials where the phone is talking saying “sorry we’re not going to get that call.”

  7. I am still having avatar issues on my page – my old one keeps showing up, even though I changed it hours and hours ago. Except I see my new one here at Kitty’s. Go figure…

  8. Man, what a day. I haven’t been around wordpress yet.

    Went to the city today and got back, started cooking, guess what? Gumbo. Anita you nailed it. LOL. I just sat down and finally it’s quiet around here and the doorbell just rang. Opened the door, like a felking clown car. Sweetpea and friends.

    AJ, the lead singer from Snow Patrol looks exactly like a guy I used to date. It was creepy. Same strange haircut.

    Michele, I see your avatar you were using from last year where your features are washed out. I’m afraid to hit submit and see what mine looks like. It better not be the skelekon.

  9. You know what it is? You need to clear your cache. I did it and my old faithful avatar is back.
    I hope all my new “friends” can unsee what they saw yesterday. ugh.

    You know what those kids did last night michele? They caught my yard on fire.

  10. The music was exceptional and we had some pretty good seats. I lucked out and didn’t have some tall guy in front of me wearing a sombrero like I usually do.

    The yard. A bunch of Kara’s friends came over and they were out in the front. Someone had a cigar and threw it in the shrub area which is lined with this weed block fabric. I didn’t realize how flammable that stuff is. We put it out with a few bucket loads of water and ran the sprinkler system.

    Damn kids.

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