Santa on and off the Hook

Blane had this really cool camera, the Canon 5D Mark II on order for me. It is yet to start shipping and Blane is getting nervous that the thing will come in while (if) we’re out of town. Don’t want to leave that one on the porch.

I told him to cancel it. I felt bad about asking for something like that when I am pretty fresh in regard to handling a DSLR. I still don’t know much about artificial lighting, in fact, maybe I should get a fill flash and some of those shiny umbrellas before upgrading.

I go back and forth, maybe I’ll get the thing. I don’t know. For right now, it’s been cancelled.

I’d like to get out of town for the holidays. Look for some cheap tickets to anywhere and haul it.

Thing is, Kara (AKA Sweetpea-that is a name I call all my kids, btw, so it confuses the hell out of family who read)… Kara has a friend from out-of-state coming over while the kids are out for  the holidays. I’m a bit pissed about it, that this kid’s parents bought her a plane ticket here without calling me. We almost always head out for the holidays. Kara had asked a while back if we were going anywhere and I told her not that I knew of. I always say that because we make last minute plans.

She does have other friends she could stay with, so we are not grounded because the kid must stay at my house, but she is coming mainly to see Kara.

So Kara doesn’t want to go on any trips. She thinks since she is 18 she doesn’t have to come with us anywhere anymore.

Not to Paris.

Not to Italy.

Not to England.

Not to the Carribean.

Not home to Louisiana.

I guess she’s right. She doesn’t. But I don’t feel good leaving town without her. I could leave her with her older brother, but I don’t feel good about dumping my kid on another one of my kids.

I hate being grounded like this. It takes conversations in this house to the soap opera level.

The kid who’s coming, she used to live here and can’t quite get over her relocation. This is her second or third time back and they have no family here. If this was my kid? I’d tell her to suck it up and road trip it when she is college age. I bet when she has to buy her own tickets back here we’ll never see her again.

And Kara? I don’t know if she realizes I won’t be buying her tickets to fun places once she’s all grown up. All grown up in my book is college grad so she’s got a few more years of fun times. Time off from work, however, that doesn’t come so easy. Not as easy as getting off for school vacation and holidays.

And I won’t even say I told her so.


17 thoughts on “Santa on and off the Hook

  1. It is a stage. She wants to stay involved with her social network. At certain life stages that seems incredibly more important than exotic trips. Hit her on the head a few times she might snap out of it.

  2. Hey, my thought is that if they can vote and go to war, they can stay home from trips. Even if they’re still in high school. Unless there are developmental problems. But then, I’m an old curmudgeon who was baby-sitting my brothers and sisters for a week while mom and dad went on vacation at that age.

  3. You’re right Max, it is a stage. Blane Jr. did the same thing when he was about that age, wanted to stay home when he got a break from school.

    Silverstar, if I left her alone in this house, there would house party after house party. I’d bet money on it.

    No way, Michele. Not in a million years. This kid doesn’t even know how to pick her dishes up off the table. Other than that, she’s a good kid. She’s one of my favorites, actually, but she’s a bit wired.

  4. I can’t imagine the day when I have the luxury of, “Yeah, I can’t decide between Paris or Italy this Christmas.”

    But then again, the French hate me, so it’s no contest. Italy, hands down.

  5. Both the French and Italians hate everyone. LOL. The Italians are just better at hiding it.

    Travel is cheap if you know how to do it. The first time I went to Paris, my ticket was about $333 (that was in ’97). You can stay in a youth hostel for about $30 per night. Eat baguettes (less than $1) all day and drink wine (cheaper than water over there).

    That is about all you need.

    We always have tons of miles for free tickets because my husband travels a lot for work. You have to buy food no matter where you are in the world, home or abroad.
    I probably save money by being away because I don’t to buy things which I’ll have to carry around like a ball and chain.

  6. Wow the kids over here don’t get holidays at all. I they do really well at school sometimes that get taken to New Zealand (something the New Zealand govt pay for) to finish their education, they then work in New Zealand and send money back to their parents here in Tonga. Unfortunately a lot of that money is then taken by the church. Well not exactly taken, but people here are told that the more you give the closer to god you are. The church reads the names of what family gave the most and the least every quarter. It is extremely bad to have given the least. I of course escape all this as I’m the only one in the village who doesn’t attend church, luckily I get away with stuff like that. I could tell you why but I’ve taken up enough space on you comments as it is. Sorry for doing that Kitty girl.

  7. I guess it’s that “being the oldest” thing. You’re always responsible, and would never dream of having house parties. Not to mention your six brothers and sisters would rat you out in a heartbeat. So would the damned nosy neighbors. So I was responsible all my life, until I got to be (OMG, I never thought I’d live this long). Now I’m just irresponsible, and let my boyfriend have sleep-overs.

    Parents have different things to worry about these days. I would definitely worry about house parties.

  8. LOL, TP. Hey if I go anywhere I promise to write about it and show lots of photos.

    Fevah, that’s it, I’m taking that spoiled brat to Tonga where there are no holidays!

    Silverstar, my son is the oldest and he had the house all to himself for one of our trips. I had just shampooed the carpets before we left. When we got back, the carpets looked worse than they ever did. I kept wondering, what did those carpet guys use to clean the floors? Didn’t even cross my mind that the boy did anything. Years later my son admitted to having the biggest house party this town had ever seen.

  9. Hi There!

    That 5D is an AMAZING camera!! But if you’re just learning DSLRs, you may want to pick up some nice lenses instead. (I think you already have a Rebel? This is what I learned on and have extensive experience using the 300D, 350D and 400D.) I bought a used 10D last fall for $300 — this and the 400D were what I had on my photo shoot in Peru. Learning the 10D taught me A LOT and was a great investment. NOW I want the full-frame camera (the 5D, original one, once it comes down closer to $1000) based on my lenses and what I’ve learned. The Rebel controls are geared more towards a point-and-shoot user, which is why I find I’ll reach for the 10D long before the 400D, even if it’s 5+ years older. (I tend to shoot manual, aperture priority and shutter priority… I love to play!) If we had that kind of money to spend on them, I’d go with the older 5D, a 30D or 40D and some really sweet L glass!!! And maybe some light sensors… a monopod… a lens baby… okay, getting carried away. 🙂 Now I can’t wait to see what will be under your tree! 🙂

  10. Yeah, I ‘ve have the Rebel for a couple of years now. I shoot mainly in AV mode and find I like natural lighting. I find the point and shoot settings on that camera useless.

    Those high ISO speeds on that new 5D are just so attractive. If only it had an internal optical image stabilizer, it would be perfect. I have one good lens, a Sigma telephoto with decent OS, so that’ll do. I’m still thinking about it. I’d like to hold it in my hands before buying though.

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