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Okay, Spanky is sick today so I haven’t had much time to think about what to post.

I have been wondering what those of you who are new to Holidailies this year are thinking about your experience with it so far. Especially if you heard all about it or learned of its existence from my big mouth.

Somehow I imagine this angry blog mob after me for getting them to crack open the blog and write every day during the busiest season of the year. Let me know if should be runnin’ scared or not.

Spill your guts, people. That’s what today is all about.


17 thoughts on “Blog Mob

  1. I like it so far. It makes me think and I get to put my thoughts down every day. I’m keeping up at least for now! I do wish I had more time to read other blogs though. There’s so many great posts but I just don’t have the time to keep up with them every day as I would like to.

  2. You are doing a great job of keeping up, Melanie.

    I usually read the “Best of” Posts there and click on a few others who post around the same time I did. I try to hit at least a few blogs I’ve never seen before and leave some comments.

  3. Next year? Is that a promise?

    Just kidding. I am not affiliated with holidailies in any way other than signing up for it, in case anyone is wondering. I did meet Jette, the site owner once at a film festival years ago, but I doubt she remembers me.

  4. I first heard of this at Ginny’s blog. My first thought? My God, I have a hard enough time being relevant 2-3 times per week! I tend to put a lot of thought and heart (and perhaps way too many words) into my posts, so I am more sporadic than most. Plus, I tend to enjoy letting the comments roll in over the course of a few days. Keeps the content fresh in my mind, even as it ferments.

    But you guys are doing this really well. Every day is something new and enjoyable. So maybe next year. And that is so a very big MAYBE . . .

  5. Kitty, you sent out your Hollidailies on the very day that I shut my blog to visitors for a few days. Just not in sync with people right now, but that’s the way it goes some times. I figure after the dust settles I’ll be back in the groove. I was posting every day for a long while and then suddenly was overwhelmed by being busy, and was mentally and emotionally too distracted to write it down. Of course, this would likely help me sort things, but we can’t always do what’s best for us!
    Thanks for being so supportive of everyone. You bring a great, welcoming voice.

  6. It kind of stresses me out, but that is self-inflicted. Like, someone is watching and checking, right? lol.

    It did make me become familiar with the scheduling feature of WordPress – I love that.

  7. I’m liking it. I promise to stand between you and the pitchfork-wielding mobs if it comes to that.

    I’ve been making more in-depth posts on topics that I probably otherwise would have shied completely away from. And then some posts that are not so much with the deep.

    And I will probably do it again next year.

  8. Given that I made it through the first week OK so far, I wont mob you yet! Most likely the past 10 days were my busiest but with the silent auction over now I should be able to read other’s places more regularly. I’ve been disappointed in the Holidailies at home group (which I joined) because they are not all posting!! And I thought I should be loyal to them initially as far as reading/commenting. Night before last I checked out more of the main section and will follow your idea bout checking out the highlighted posts this weekend. I am trying to leave at least one comment per night the rest of the way on a new site.

  9. Tysdaddy, yeah, it’s tough for me to come up with good stuff every day. It’s funny, a lot of times I’ll do a post and think to myself that will be the very last one. That I’ll never have another idea. It’s been like that for three years.

    Francis, I didn’t notice you shut down your blog. I read your feed, so don’t usually get to your site by clicking a link. I did notice you didn’t post for a while and I’m glad the site is back up.

    Michele, no one is watching or counting to see if you are posting every day. If you miss a day, you can double post the next day to catch up if you want, provided the two posts are 12 hours apart. This is not supposed to be stressful.

    Sistercayote, welcome and thanks for having my back. You rock!

    Goddess, I like to check out the At Home section as well. They are on the same blogroll as the regulars, but sorted out by posting count. The At Home participants don’t have to do the excerpt thing that shows in the middle, however and that is the thing that gets me to click on links most of the time.

  10. It’s been going pretty well for me. I always tell myself that I’ll post every day and then it NEVER happens, so having some extra motivation has been very helpful. And then of course I’m actually getting, shock of shocks, comments, so that helps a lot too.

  11. Hi Kitty
    I love to post daily.
    But I think that sometimes people feel obligated to post an epic novel when sometimes a snapshot will do. You need to tell your story or share your view exactly in your own words and for yourself. If you keep that in mind it really is possible to do this everyday.
    On the other hand sometimes I round trip guilt tickets from my friends and family because I’m writing and I disapear for days and weeks on end.
    I’ll be honest.I haven’t figured the balance thing out yet.

  12. Anita, I couldn’t do it, post every day year ’round. Just couldn’t. I applaud those like you who do because I participate in blogging every day by keeping up with my favorite blogs. Me, I’m a little lazy. There was a time when I wrote every single day. Either journaling, screenwriting, noveling, whatever, every day I threw down some words. That was when they gathered all in one place, here, at home.
    Now there is the internet and I’m spilling words all over the place. I’d like to pare it down some and get it back to more like it used to be, but now the social world has invaded the writing part of my world and I like it too much this way.
    So keep doing what you do because I love it.

    AJ, I can see it now, you’ll have Max dj-ing pretty soon.

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