Finally, The Masterpiece

Five years in the making, I’ve come to a critical point with the angel mosaic. This is not a kit, btw, it’s made from scratch with pieces of old tiles I had on hand, a wet saw, tile nipper, and tons of patience.

I’ve finally glued all the tiles in place over the mesh and am ready to grout it in. The reason I glued them on a mesh instead of directly onto a piece of plywood backing is I intended to hang it on a shower wall but changed my mind. So the extra step here is separating the mesh (I used a strong tulle) from the template I drew on a poster.

First I painted a half inch piece of plywood with primer so the liquid from adhesive and grout wouldn’t warp the wood. Then I applied about a quarter inch of adhesive to the plywood and sunk the mesh with tiles onto that surface.

I hammered the pieces into the glue with a board so all the tile surfaces would be flush.


And let that dry for a day.

Now it is time for the grout. I used premixed unsanded type and worked it into the empty spaces with a two sided grout sponge which is a dense sponge on one side and a scratchy surface on the other.


This part goes fast. Once the entire surface of the mosaic is covered and grout is in every space, I splashed about a cup of water on it and used the scratch pad to loosen the grout on the tops of the tile. This part also helps make sure there are no air pockets in the grout spaces. 


And now my favorite part of all. It reminds me of those old movies when someone has plastic surgery and their face is all bandaged up and it is time to unwrap them. The moment of truth.

I took a sponge (a new white one, dyes in sponges can color the grout) and make only two passes over each area.


Unfortunately, the moment of truth for me was a cold and hard one. I screwed up by choosing white grout.


And that is where I am with this thing right now. I do believe I can fix it with a grout dye, I’m just worried that it won’t be uniform in color. Also some of the tiles are porous stone and may take up the dye. 

Once that is sorted out, I’ll jigsaw the wood, following the edges of the mosaic.

I’ll make a frame out of metal strips to make it look like a ribbon framing.

The saga continues…


13 thoughts on “Finally, The Masterpiece

  1. Whoaho, you should see it now, I got some colored grout from the attic and layered that on top thinking at least it would stain the joints. LOL. Well, it has this distressed look.
    Like it was dug up from some archeological site.
    Works for me!

  2. Kitty,

    Can you come and re-do my guest bathroom? I’m starting to notice some cracks in the grout. You seem to have all the right equipment, too! Love the rubber hammer!

  3. Ty, it’s all play to keep me out of other trouble.

    Pooks, another day maybe, as I told Blane last night, it doesn’t look that bad from far away.

    Thanks Francis.

    Julie, yes, I could. I’ve re-done entire bathrooms. Floors, shower stalls, walls… Re-grouting is actually easy and you should take care of those cracks as soon as possible or water will get behind the tiles and cause a big headache. You buy this grout saw which it’s easy, easy, easy.

    Yes, AJ, time to find another thing to occupy my hands and mind.

  4. Wow! Multi-talented woman…!

    Ive tiled two kitchens’ countertops and that’s pretty much the extent of my experience. Ive never thought to do a mosaic — what a neat idea!

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