Second Chances

We were so lucky to get a break in the cold weather with a 70 degree day and some bonus sunshine. I took the angel mosaic outside and jigsawed the wood around it.

The blades on the jigsaw are worn or maybe I don’t know how to use the damn thing but it was taking forever and despite the fact I had safety glasses on, the wind blew sawdust into my eyes.

I kept getting this gut feeling that I was going to end up cutting off one of my fingers or maybe even rip an artery in my arm. I always think of the worst thing that can happen, no matter what I’m doing, but I’m used to it, thinking like that. Maybe it’ll earn me some money one day.

So what do people think about while they’re doing man-work with power tools? Drinking beer. I didn’t have any beer. I popped a bottle of wine.

Working with power tools isn’t dangerous enough, you know?

I’m not much of a drinker. I still can’t have a glass of anything without gagging after each sip, no matter how good the stuff is.

So here is how the thing is looking now with the darker grout, post jigsaw. And no I didn’t lose a drop of blood in the process.


Second chances, hey?

Here’s a band I’ve been listening to lately, Shinedown. What’s cool about this video (Second Chances) is they incorporated material from fan stories, photos, videos, and voicemails about their second chances.

Oh, and the temperature outside has already dropped back to 39 degrees in the last couple of hours.


26 thoughts on “Second Chances

  1. Kitty, this is beautiful. If you’d done it with a kit it would be lovely. Doing it from your own creation is awesome. I can’t believe you just did this.


  2. Thanks Kym and Silverstar.
    Years ago I saw one like this for sale on the internet for about $6,000. I based this on that, so it’s not completely an original work.
    I’ve since lost the link and have done searches but can’t find it.

    I’m happy with it and it only cost about $20 for me to make.

  3. wow, that is awesome! You are so creative to do that with no kit! The weather here is driving me nuts too. Hot. Cold. Freezing. Hot again. No wonder we’re all sick over and over again.

  4. Thanks everyone. I’m so glad the darker grout worked, I was a bit worried. Now all I’ve got to do is sculpt a frame around it with wood putty and I’m done.

  5. That angel has come out purely amazing. I like the darker grout color. It brings out the white and separates it from the detail pieces.

    Listening to shinedown again are we? Very powerful group, I have them placed in my top 10 list. Second chance’s come in all shapes and forms, sometimes even unfortunate events.

  6. Thanks Capone. You know who I was thinking of while I was getting this done.
    This video probably has one of the most profound messages of the year and it ties in quite well with this project.

  7. It’s so nice and safe and comfy feeling to know that when I click a song on your blog, it’s not going to be effing C&W.

    That’s a great song. I like it a lot.

    And the darker grout made the difference. Your angel is beautiful!

  8. Thanks AJ and Pooks.

    You’ll never-ever-ever-ever-ever see a C&W link on this blog. If you do (and it’s not something like some C&W singer busting his ass on stage or something), call the cops, it means I’ve been hijacked.

  9. Kit–

    Don’t confuse C&W with Country Pop. Big difference. Compare Ricky Skaggs, or New Grass Revival with anything played on KZLA or any other self-proclaimed “Country” station. Country Pop is Jethro Bodine, where as C&W is Skeeter Davis, The Sons of the Pioneers and David Frizzell.

    Just sayin’.

  10. “Gonna git me a ho an’ put down a lotta my drags;
    “Gonna git me a ho an’ put down a lotta my drags;
    “Effin’ I hadda ho, I’d maker lissenat my music collectshags.”

    –Bunk Strutts ca. 1927 RCA Victor Records

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