Wanna Play a Game?

Want to win something? I got an email from someone over at A&E Home Video, and they saw my post where I mentioned Ice Road Truckers. They said they want to send me a review copy of season two AND some extras if I want to do a giveaway on the blog.

I find this absolutely hilarious because I’m such a girly-girl, you know, I mean… Look at my Christmas tree.


Do I seem like a person who would watch Ice Truckers?

Well I do, actually. I love that show. It’s gripping, these guys have a goal and if they screw up, they could die. For real. 

So hell yeah I want season two of Ice Road Truckers and I want to get you a copy of it too. I’m going to think up a fun game (maybe you guys can help me out here, too) to decide the winner.

Who’s in?


22 thoughts on “Wanna Play a Game?

  1. Maybe we could have a game where we have to type Ice trucker 12 times really fast with out witting it wrong like lice fu…ers or somthing :-), ps I don’t need to tell you Iv’e never seen it. But I’ll play for sure.

  2. LOL. Fevah, well if you win the game you’ll get to see it maybe or if you don’t want the prize I can mail it to someone of your choosing. Christmas pressies!

    I’m brainstorming a game. I have a few ideas, but keep them coming.

  3. Yay Writinggb!

    Michele, everything is a hot guy contest with you, lol.

    Daily, I was searching around the internet for driving games and ran across the addictive Parking Lot game.

    Boz, I might have seen you on tv. Sleeping in a van in the harsh Michigan winter sounds rough. I should give you the Ice Road Trucker DVD right now just for that.

  4. That is a sweet (albeit girly) tree. I love the ribbon. I’m not much of a pink fan but I’m tempted to add it to my tree first because it is beautiful and second because all the men in my life will be horrified;>

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  6. There’s something alluring about a “chick” who appreciates Ice Road Truckers. Do you ever watch Deadliest Catch?

    ‘It’s gripping, these guys have a goal and if they screw up, they could die. For real. ‘

    I wish that would happen to all my loser ex boyfriends. Ha!

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