Here is a short and funny video of a guy showing his wife how to shoot a 50 caliber Desert Eagle.

He should have been less concerned about what she was doing with her tongue (guys!) and told her to lock her elbows.


That said, I’ve never fired one of these.


17 thoughts on “Recoil!

  1. That was either staged or she’s a total incompetent with a pistol. I’ve fired the .50 Desert Eagle far too often and it has very soft and polite recoil. It would actually almost take work for that video to happen for real.

  2. If she locked her elbows, would that still have happened? I haven’t ever shot a gun like that, but it looks like her wrists would have snapped back if she had her elbows locked. It seems like her husband or friend or whoever totally set her up!

  3. No. The gun would have kicked, but it would not have hit her in the face.
    It does look as if she was set up because they have the camera pointed right where it would capture something like this happening. If I was teaching someone how to shoot and was recording it, I would have focused on the target.

    The woman does have muscular forearms, this shouldn’t have happened, really, she’s skinny, but not a weakling.

    I was checking YouTube a while back and this was on their hot videos list. Since I had a bunch of guys around that day I clicked on it thinking they’d like it. They did.
    That’s one of our past times around here, gather round the computer and look for some funny videos.

  4. The Desert Eagle looks very intimidating, but it has very little recoil. She could have even fired it one-handed, though the weight (4.5lbs) would make it hard to aim.

    It’s funny to watch though!

  5. Did you all see the news story about the 5-year-old boy on the East Coast who shot himself in the head while firing a Ouzi type machine gun while his dad and a gun safety instructor watched? What’s the saying? Guns don’t kill people? Yeah right. Ok, I’m off my soap box now.

  6. Funny, but as I watched it, I just stared at her nose, waiting for the inevitable. I love it when I’m right . . .

    It’s been a pleasure getting to know you a bit over the past few months. You are a witty and passionate blogger, and I am honored.

    May you and yours have a happy holiday, and a new year filled with many wondrous surprises . . .

  7. Whoa, Jonalan. Nope. LOL.

    I didn’t see that, Daily. That’s awful. I can’t believe someone let a five-year old touch a gun like that. We are defensive about our guns here in Texas, though.

    LOL, Leah.

    Thanks, Tysdaddy. Wishing you and yours a great holiday as well.

    Oh Boy, must start cooking now for the feast.

  8. Not only that, but a 14 year old, out hunting with his 16 year old brother, shot and killed a hiker here in Washington state, mistaking her for a bear. In a bright blue parka. I think there is going to be a change in the law that says that kids that young can no longer hunt without adult supervision. As for myself, I’ll take a little .380 if I must, despite the fact that I can’t hit the broad side of a barn with any gun. Being married to a cop for 21 years taught me that.

  9. There is a video out there, I haven’t seen it in a while, but it is a cop teaching gun safety and he shoots himself in the foot:

    I got shot in the face one time with a pellet gun by some kid just shooting all over the place. I took that gun from him (we were both about eight) and knocked him silly with it.
    Memories. LOL.

  10. What do you mean you’ve never shot one of those things? You don’t know what you’re missin’ sistah! Where do you think I can pick up the t-shirt that dude is wearing?

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