All Full Up

Besides all the clutter that Santa will bring, my hard drive is, after two and a half years of digital photo video and photo scan abuse, completely full up.  Despite all this, I managed to eek out this photo from my archives to wish you all a happy holiday, merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah… Whatever you celebrate.


See, that was supposed to be in black and white. There is mutiny on the hard drive.


16 thoughts on “All Full Up

  1. Or you could swap it out for a bigger one. New Egg sells a 1.5Terabyte for $179.00. Most computers these days have room for two hard drives, so you don’t have to lose what you have. This from the woman who has two internal hard drives, and two external hard drives, and still doesn’t have enough space. I have a tutorial over at my blog on how to install a hard drive.

    I like the picture, too. I hope Santa brings you some more storage space. Or you could just clean up the hard drive.

  2. I have a portable HD with 80 G and then an external HD with 3/4 terabyte, the thing is I’ve been scanning photos at high resolution for months now. Tens of thousands of images from my photo albums as well as my mom’s and putting them on my macbook HD.
    I’ve been meaning to move them all over after I organize them.
    It’s all a disaster, I’m ashamed to admit.
    Tomorrow I think I’ll move the entire catastrophe over to the external (It’s already backed up on there, I just just need to make more of a mess on there. LOL.

  3. Thanks for reading Kumar and hope you have a great holiday season as well. Not sure what if this is a seasonal time in India, but hey, you can celebrate life any day, right?

    Thanks, tp it is so kind of you to say that. I’m glad to have met you too. You know, I am a bit of a shy blogger, I don’t normally go out and find blogs (with the exception of Holidailies season). Yours was that strange chance thing with “related posts”, and I’m so glad I happened to click your blog.

    I think that might make a good Christmas post, something along that vein.

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