Someone asked me a couple of days ago if it’s been hard to come up with something to write every day for the month of Holidailies. I told them has not been hard for me this year. In fact, I have several ideas per day. There just aren’t enough days for them or the time to give them the treatment they deserve.

The subject of writing for instance, that is one of the biggest and most important things in my life right now, but I never write about it or what I write about.

Oh well, anyway, ideas. There are opportunities everywhere. Take my inbox for instance. I don’t usually open junk mail, but just as I was about to hit delete on one from “Federal Bureau of Investigations” I just sat there and stared at it. I knew it couldn’t be from the real FBI, but what if it was?

I couldn’t believe someone had the audacity to impersonate the FBI.

The FBI!

Did I open it?

Hell yeah. It looked like a real letter with an FBI seal on it, street address, all that. The letter claimed I was under investigation for making transactions with a fraudulent Nigerian entity and they were going to help me get my money back. All they needed ws my ATM card number. Talk about kick a dog when he’s down, huh?

Now imagine for a moment that I had actually done such a thing, lost money to one of those internet scams?

What if?

Imagine if I’d sent my ATM card number to this FBI scam artist and lost even more? What if I had an endless amount of money to lose but was running low on pride and patience and thought it was high time I get even with these sonsabitches?

Dammit I love a revenge story. There is no glue that holds a story together better than vengeance.

Would I hire my own investigator and hit man because I’m obviously too stupid to know a con when I see it, therefore couldn’t possibly be smart enough to do that job myself?

I’d have to.

Of course, this main character wouldn’t be “me” per se, I’m being empathic, you know, putting myself in the shoes of someone who’s been screwed twice for being gullible and greedy.

Then the real work begins. How do I get you to like a gullible and greedy person? You have to like them to root for them to win. So, who has never had a moment of weakness, wanted something for nothing and got totally pwned in the end? We’ve all been had at one time or another.

There are endless stories out there waiting to be found, to be told. “What if” is a skeleton key to open the chamber and let them out. That’s one method to the madness.


6 thoughts on “Whatifwhatifwhatif???

  1. I once got a letter purporting to be from Social Security. I didn’t answer it. But I did turn it over to the real Social Security. I guess I’m just not gullible or greedy enough. I do know some people who “play” with the scammers, and scam them if they can.

  2. Have you ever seen the movie Death Sentence? Kevin Bacon? Directed by James Waa. Yeah, the Jigsaw James Waa. It isn’t high art, but if you’re looking for a good vengeance thriller, you really can’t go wrong there. And then, there’s the Kevin Costner flick from a few years ago titled, simply, Revenge.

    My son has been searching for movies lately that don’t contain betrayal as some sort of plot twist. He’s having a hard time coming up with anything . . .

    So, when are you gonna write your story?

  3. This story? I’m just playing around, it’s not anything I’m going to write. I don’t think. LOL. I love revenge stories, but I’m not suited to stick it out and write one myself. At least not right now.

    I haven’t seen Death Sentence or Revenge. I like Kevin Bacon, I can’t believe I missed that one, but I’ll look for it.

    Costner, he ruins movies just by being in them. That guy has no range whatsoever.

  4. I’m thinkin’ that if the FBI really wanted to talk to you, they know where you live.
    They would not rely on email.
    “What if” you responded to the email with the ATM number of someone that was actually in the FBI?
    That could make the story interesting, eh?

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