Who are these people and how did they get in here?

I have a casual household. People come in and out all the time, especially on weekends, so it’s not too unusual to go in the kitchen and see a stranger digging in the fridge. Usually it’s a friend of Kara’s. Or a friend of a friend of hers.

Sometimes it’s a mix of Kara’s and Spanky’s friends. I can usually tell who they belong to by their look. Kara’s entourage has a punk edge while Spank’s are studious with natural hair colors.

Last night there was some big fight on Pay-Per-View, so Blane said he was inviting a few people over. I’m always cool with that. Sometimes I go up there and watch with them, other times I let the guys hang out while I do my own thing in another part of the house.

Nobody expects me to entertain on fight nights. That’s Blane’s thing. He’ll grab some snacks and beer- Guys are so much easier, they don’t expect much and the house doesn’t even have to be tidied up before they come.

So last night I let a few of the “regulars” in and directed them upstairs then went to my room and hit the treadmill. Turned the music up and stayed on that thing for about an hour. Took a long bubble bath… Unboxed my new light stands I got for Christmas… Then I went into the living room to read.

I noticed an unusual amount of noise coming from upstairs. Screaming, clapping, stomping… So I’m sitting there and this guy and a girl appear out of nowhere, people I’d never seen before, and they asked me where they could go to smoke.

I couldn’t figure out who they belonged to. They looked a little to old for Kara or Spanky, but too young to be a part of our gang. Then some more people wandered into the living room. People looking for other people I didn’t know. And this house, it is huge, with two staircases and an unpredictable floor plan. That is one of my favorite things about having people over. Watching them walk around lost and disoriented.

So I went up to the media room to talk to the guys and realized this wasn’t a small group. It was a house party. About thirty people. Most of them were guys, but there were a few women.

I felt awful, really awful that something like this was going on in my own house right under my own nose and I didn’t even know it. I didn’t hear them all come in because I had my earphones on and was exercising. I wasn’t expecting it either. Gee, I hope these people didn’t think I was some sort of freak loner. I did join them for some video games.


19 thoughts on “Who are these people and how did they get in here?

  1. It’s not so much the square footage that has people lost.
    I guess much of it has to do with North Dallas architecture. Houses here all have similar floor plans, you walk through the front door and see a formal living room to the left and a formal dining to the right (or vice versa). Head to the back, there will be a family room with a kitchen right next to it. Usually open.

    That is what we call the “North Dallas special.”

    Mine is nothing like that. The kitchen is in the middle of the house and it’s turned sideways. For instance, I have a south facing home, but the front wall of the kitchen faces southwest.

    What would be really cool is if we had one of those casa magneticas like at amusement parks. You know, those ones where the floors are not level and you can’t walk properly because the rest of the house is turned and things appear to roll upwards.

    First thing I’m doing as soon as my kids grow up is sell this place and get something smaller. It’s too much to clean and we tend to collect too much crap we don’t need.

  2. My house is one room kitty. The toilet is outside and same with the kitchen we all sleep in the one room it’s a bedroom and a lounge. It’s good cause if there is a party going on at my place I would never be the last to Know about it. I think I’ll call it the ‘Eua special from now on.

  3. I wouldn’t feel bad… that kind of spontaneous party is the best kind to go to, and I’m sure they enjoyed your surprise in the same way that you enjoy their disorientation.

  4. I think so. It was funny though. See why I stay up all night to write. It’s the only time I can get some quiet around here.

    Hey, I’ve been meaning to mosey back over to your Santa post, the new one with the Easy Bake oven. Could you shoot me a link to that? Purdy please?

  5. I would have hidden from all those people, too. Even after I discovered they were there. I don’t do well in crowds.
    It’s pretty hard to get lost in my apartment, but my dog does sometimes. I haven’t figured that one out yet.

  6. One of my daughters hates, hates, crowds. She always was like that.

    Although my dogs are not allowed upstairs, every once in a while we can’t find Mireille (she’s a terrier mix). She likes to creep under one of the beds upstairs and play hide and seek. I’ll call her for hours. No Mireille. Go look up there, call her name out in that room, no dog comes.
    Look under the bed and she acts like I can’t see her. Stares right past me. LOL.

  7. That’s funny. And I got all ready to kick someone’s behind when I read that someone was in your house uninvited!
    My house, like fevah’s, is small but the only time I wish for a bigger place is when I find myself drowning in my stuff, or when the morsel and I are making too much noise for each other.
    Last night I tore the place apart to reorganize, and it’s half-way put back together- Looks like a madhouse. Or maybe like your house after the party!

  8. Hi Kitty,

    I am bachelor, i stay away from my Family in a city where there’s fear every where.fear for people around you , fear for police , fear for terrorists,fear for strangers. I some time feel why do i have to come here far away from family and stay , then finally i think that , i need a living. Then there’s no guarantee for living in city so why a living. I guess i am not boring you. 🙂


  9. I lived in a house in college with an open door policy. I would come home from class and there’d be eight people sitting in my living room, and not one was a roommate. After awhile I just got used to it. We got robbed twice, but never really cared. Bad neighborhood. It was more like, “Oh, shit, we got robbed again. Who’s turn is it to do the dishes?”

    I. Loved. That. House.

  10. I hear you Francis, I do that too every once in a while, make a big mess in order to clean it up.
    Each time we’ve moved, we’ve upsized and the more room I have, the more junk I collect.

    Yes, Kumar I heard about the tragedy in Mumbai. I’m so glad to hear you are safe, I thought about you when all of that was happening. I was wondering what your thoughts were on that. No matter where you live, life is an uncertainty. One lesson I’ve learned from working in hospitals is quality over quantity of life. It’s not how many years you have, it’s how well you lived them.

    Rassles, we got burgled once. They cleaned us out. The thing that bothered me the most was not that they got our heirlooms and stuff, it was that they went through all of our things. I’ll never forget the horror I felt when I saw all of my dresser drawers open.

  11. Thanks, Toni, I meant to link that post, it’s so funny and amazing.

    Right now, in my kitchen, there are six other people yaking. Oh, and two dogs. And I’ve got someone on the way to pitch a set of knifes after she gets off work. (kitchen knives)

    It never shuts down over here.

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