People Are Liars

When we would admit a new patient into the hospital and gather up history and the question of alcohol or tobacco would come up, we would always double that amount.

They say they smoke a pack a day? We wrote down two packs a day. Two beers a day? That’s four.

They also lie about their weight. Now that’s a biggie. Certain drug dosages are calculated by how many kilos a patient weighs. So if there was going to be a complex drip, we had to put them on a scale for the moment of truth. (For the record, I fucking hate bed scales, hate them!)

Anyway if you read my post yesterday and saw that I wanted to lose seven pounds and laughed, hold on a minute. I actually need to lose more if I was straight dieting. Thing is, with the exercise I’ll be losing about 10-15 pounds of fat and putting on some heavier muscle. I’m guessing in a couple of months that will amount to about seven pounds difference on the scale. One dress size.

Don’t double that.

Percentage-wise, it is a big deal.

Oh, and Mireille probably needs to lose two pounds. Skinny bitch.


15 thoughts on “People Are Liars

  1. Hi Melissa. Yeah, not just to us but to themselves. People. LOL.

    Thank you Fevah, happy New Year to you too, island dude. I am wondering right now what a Tongan accent sounds like? Do you sound like an Aussie?

  2. Well kitty we have no b in our language so b sound a bit like p eg: Benny sound like penny. Tonga isn’t like ta Tonga it sounds like da donga, sort of maybe this will help.

    I’m koing down to da shop to ket a ice plock for chew. Dis is how fwee talk
    I’m going down to the shop to get an ice block for you.This is how we talk.

    Also we commonly put s on the end of words where they aren’t meant to be like like we say informations and the shop is closes and stuff like that. Hope that helps Kitty.

  3. I’ve been thinking about putting up an application on Facebook called, “How many pounds have you gained since Thanksgiving?” But, hey, how many people would tell the truth? And with that second question, I realized I’d be wasting my time.

    Here’s the thing for most of us: we don’t want anyone to know how messed up we are. We’re gonna lie like hell when it comes to personal data. You can clearly see that our pants are too tight, that our midriffs (is that how you spell it?) are spilling into our hips, that our jowls are lower on our faces than last year, and that we stutter and stammer when asked simple statistical questions about our bodies. Duh, right? Medical necessity aside, we’re losers, especially when we’ve gained.

    So, here, just for the sake of integrity and a complete and utter lack of vanity – I’ve gained 4 pounds since Thanksgiving. And, since I only eat sporadically, that’s fucking amazing. It’s the THINGS I’m eating and drinking, and the complete lack of a routine or exercise, that are causing the chemistry to go bonkers. No freakin’ lie. I’ve only lost weight since May of ’07, and to gain 4 pounds now is like carrying around a small sack of potatoes, and it sucks. But, it’s true. And, I hate it. But, I ain’t gonna lie about it. If you could see me, you’d see my pants now show my panty lines (eeks!). I’m a big girl, so I’m guessing most people wouldn’t notice – but I DO.

    Happy New Year, Kitty. Lose whatever you want. Gain the rest.


  4. It does give me an idea of the accent, Fevah, thanks. I found a YouTube of some talking Tongans. They do sound a little like Aussies (compared to us).

    Thanks Michele and best wishes for you and yours.

    LOL, Max, so true. Smoking, drinking, and overeating get the blame for just about any symptom you can throw at a doctor.

    Hey Linda, I like the way you put that, 4 lbs is like carrying around a small sack of potatoes. I don’t know if I’ve put on any weight since Thanksgiving. My weight gain has bee a slow steady thing over the last 12 to 18 months. It’s so much easier to let that happen over a long period time, to accept it ounce by ounce.

    I knew I had to be putting something on because my clothes were getting tight and I had stopped exercising. I was too afraid to get on the scale because I didn’t want to know what the damage was. LOL.
    Which made things worse. Ugh.

    That’s a tough one Brian, nicotine is more addictive than heroin.

  5. 7 pounds, 10 pounds — so little difference! Anything is amazing, as far as my outlook is concerned.

    I have to crack up at the differences between what a patient says and what the medical staff writes. In part because, after reading my medical records, I was shocked to find how wrong much of the record is and doubly shocked to find out how much of an impact this makes on my current (in)ability to find health insurance. And also because, as a health researcher, surveys write exactly what a patient reports and read it as truth. It’s my constant complaint with researchers who believe numbers to be the be-all-and-end-all to understanding anything. Human behavior is anything BUT rational. Why would you study them in a qualitative, inherently rational way?

  6. Louisiana is one of the worst states for health insurance riders. It’s shocking what they get away with.

    Also, forgot to mention, hardly anyone ever admits to having more than two drinks a day.
    This is also dangerous, I’ve had patients almost die on me due to DTs.

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