Collision of art, commerce, past, and present

There’s a shopping center near here with a bunch of cowboy days bronzes. I went there today to the camera shop and happened to have my camera with me. What a coincidence.

There are so many people there and so many cars, it’s difficult to get a shot of just the bronzes.

But I thought this one was funny because of the type of store it was in front of. Seriously, it’s a bronze cattle drive spread out right in front of a barbeque pit store.


I had to stand in the street to line it up like that and risk my dear dear life to oncoming traffic which was determined as hell to spend every last drop of Christmas money. There are sales and there are stampedes.

The next photo is just one part of a circle of cowboys around a campfire. I like the expression of wonder on this youth’s face as he listens the other bronze men talk. The Men’s Wearhouse sign behind him cracks me up.


I keep a fairly updated photoblog over at TheCuckoosNest if you like that kinda stuff.

I’ll be cleaning up some of the photos I took and will put them over there in the next day or so (all the good stuff goes there).


12 thoughts on “Collision of art, commerce, past, and present

  1. Thanks Wgb. I have this one of a cowboy on a horse i took at that same place:
    These bronzes are scattered over about 30 or 40 acres of commerce. Strangest damn thing ever, but I love going out there to look at these things.

    Hey Bunk. I don’t think real cowboys are buying these pits either. A real cowboy digs a hole in the ground, throws down some mesquite and puts a hog in there. Wait, I’m getting my Cajun and cowboy mixed up.

    My dad used to get these big pipes from the oilfield and have a welder make him a pit. He’s had several. The metal was about 3/8 inch thick, heavy stuff, you had to be strong just to open the thing. Best damn BBQ ever.

  2. I’d like to know why they stuck all those cowboys and cattle there. You’ve seen the ones in downtown Dallas, right? It’s really funny because Dallas never was really cattle country and didn’t even want to be. We were all about commerce–insurance, banking and retail–from the earliest days. Cowtown was next door. Yet we plugged all those bronze longhorns downtown for the tourists (and it’s truly one of my favorite spots–I love it).

  3. I didn’t know that about Dallas. I do tend to think of it more as oil town. LOL. Maybe from the old tv show, Dallas.

    The shopping center where I took these photos (Frisco) is just off Preston Road and I’ve always heard that was a main cattle drive road.

    My favorite horse bronzes are the ones in Las Colinas where it looks like the horses are splashing around in water. I’ve got to head out there in the spring and photograph that.

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