My God What Are They Doing?

Blane asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told him I want a big-ass cake, big enough to jump into.

I was kidding of course. I always thought it was a bit backwards that people jumped out of cakes and not into them.

Anyway, I didn’t think anyone would make me a cake today because it is a work and school day, but this house does smell the cake right now and I’m not allowed in the kitchen. They are all saying I will have a monster cake.

I’m ready to take the dive, man, ready.

I’ll update with photos later tonight or tomorrow.

This is also the last day of Holidailies and I’d like to thank Jette and Chip and everyone else who participated. It was just as enjoyable as I thought it would be.

Update: Here’s what they were up to.

The girls made me a monster cake with 5 layers and bought a healthy torte. I had made three layers last night and left them to decorate since the girls had school, but Spanky said, “No way, I have to bake it.”
So she baked two more layers and Kara did the icing.

It was so big the cake cracked while we were out eating.

I lit the candles with my little shotgun lighter.

Want some?

There’s enough for everyone, even the dogs got some.


29 thoughts on “My God What Are They Doing?

  1. Little do you know, the cake smell is just a pre-packaged scent from a candle the lit to mislead you. They’re actually busily building you a giant sculpture of a horse made from disassembled coat hangers.

  2. Happy birthday! Again! And thanks so much for leading me into Holidailies. It was such a good experience. I will be breathlessly anticipating cake pictures.

  3. Thanks Toni.

    Hey Meagan, that wouldn’t be so bad, a horse sculpture.

    Thanks Ginny. I’m glad you like Holidailies, you totally kicked some ass in the Best of Holidailies! Yayay Ginny!

    Thanks Melanie, Iwayswright, Clare, and Kumar. It was a delicious cake.

    I celebrated the day by waking up early and then going back to sleep for a few hours. I did my daily exercise routine and then we all met up here and went with my family to an Italian restaurant.

    We got a special table, one in the kitchen. It was amazing to me because we got to watch the cooks prepare all the food and talk to the cooks. I brought my camera and they let me run around there and take as many photos as I wanted.
    Then we came back home and cut the cake. I got some small presents and birthday cards as well as a lot of phone calls from friends.
    It was a wonderful day.

  4. Into the cake, INTO the cake. LOL. I should have. But the cake jumped into my mouth and I ate it. What else could I do?

    Thanks Eileen, it was a great day. I never did act like a bitch diva, not once today.

  5. you should bring that lighter to one of the gimcrack’s monthly birthday parties (like we need extra havoc)

    big birthday wishes to you kitty. may you have a fabulous year….

  6. Boz, thank you, thank you.

    Thanks Merlisser, it’s still huge and we gave half of it away.

    Thanks Rassles and happy happy again to you too. Yeah, that’s red velvet, Duncan Hines has a box version of it now. What I like about red velvet is when you stick a knife in it and pull it out, it looks like a horror movie.

    Thanks, fevah.

  7. Hi Kitty,

    Today as usually i came here to check today’s post but there’s no new post.Then i came across this “This is also the last day of Holidailies” , ohhhhh that’s a bad news and disappointing to me.:-( .It finished very soon.Hope they extend it for another month or so.
    :-).Keep writing.


  8. Hi Kumar, I wrote up a post but something happened with my internet connection or my computer and half of it got wiped out.
    I felt so defeated I gave up on it. LOL.

    Thanks for reading Kumar.

  9. Oh My Goodness!!! Is your b-day Jan 6th, too??? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    I love your cake. I bought cupcakes from a new cupcake shop that opened around the corner… it’s on the way home from the walk to Kate’s school, dangerous!

    Your family made you The World’s Most Beautiful Cake!! So colorful, inside and out! I especially love that there is red velvet inside… makes me think of Steel Magnolias!

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