I was talking to a friend about sleep and before we got to my disgusting sleep habits she said she gets in the bed, shuts her eyes, and wakes exactly eight hours later.

Then she said why this was so. She said she was a good person with a clean conscience and that people who can’t sleep have done a lot wrong.

I wanted to trip her.

I sleep in little chunks here and there. Walk, talk, and even eat in my sleep. Rarely do I sleep more than two hours without getting up.

This I blame mostly on my years as a night nurse. Sleeping days while working nights and switching back to a regular schedule on the days off so I could raise my kids. It was like jet lag every single week.

I think my friend is wrong.

In other matters, the exercise thing is going good. I”m on track with my goals and only missed one day which was yesterday. I don’t have a good reason for skipping other than my personality demands I rebel against things sometimes.

Actually I’ve been feeling sore and run down. Just needed a break. I’m sipping on my Venom Mojave Rattler right now and will get going in just a second.


In a few weeks I don’t think I’ll need these energy drinks to get me going, but right now I do seem to need them. It’s just one more of those things that keeps me up at night.

Here’s a cute post Ruth did about jumping on my exercise bandwagon.

Miles walked so far: 85. Pounds down: 4. (That’s 2 pounds per week, now I know why I took a guilt free break yesterday, I’m ahead of my goals.)


15 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. OH man, isn’t there a massive crash and burn after that drink does it’s trick?

    Yeah, the sleep thing? Utterly stupid reasoning and I wish you HAD tripped her. ‘Course then you would have lost more sleep due to the guilt… you wouldn’t! Why would you feel guilty about that??

    I took a break yesterday because I was so sore from the Sunday full body workout. All better today so I did 30 mins of aerobics with 15 mins of arm weights as soon as I got home from work. I do know for a *fact* that regular exercise will improve your sleep patterns.

  2. Amy, it turns me into a werewolf. LOL.

    TP, Blane has that crash and burn thing, but it doesn’t do that to me. Of Course I am finished drinking it after the first 30 minutes and have another half hour to go, so if I’m sleepy, I don’t feel it.
    I can honestly say though that my sleep patterns have never been as bad as they have been over the last month.

    Kym, I worked out once without it, about a week ago and I struggled the entire time. When those drinks came out I believed they were all hype. Being a nurse, I’ve seen a lot of this crap, especially health food store things fool people out of their money. So I was late on the bandwagon with the drinks.
    It works for me. I only drink the low carb ones though.

  3. No no no. LOL. I had not mentioned anything about my sleep problem yet, we were getting to it. She assumed I was a good sleeper. She never did ask, btw, so I didn’t tell her.

  4. I concur with the night nurse thing. I changed shift so often in my career my body doesn’t know what to do with itiself. I never have been a morning person… Welll, about 10 AM maybe. Not having anywhere in particular to go,or anything in particular to do is killing any habits I had. Well, that and the drug dealer who used to live next door, whose girlfriend would get wired and loud about the time I was ready for bed. Totally screwed me up. Long gone now, but not forgotten.

  5. Four pounds in two weeks? Awesome.

    I’m not exercising, but I did send away for a registration packet to participate in the Avon Breast Cancer two-day walk. One weekend, 39 miles. Gulp. I need a big goal. I do better if I’m scared. šŸ™‚

    I also started watching my food intake again, counting weight watchers points. Doing great on that now, so I feel more in control. One thing at a time. Stop binging. Start working out. One down, one to go!

  6. I can’t decide which I’m more impressed by: your weight loss or the fact that you only wanted to trip her.

    It’s a toss up, really. Both defy the imagination.

  7. Eileen, I had that same problem living next door to the cop shop. They disturbed more peace than I an shake a stick at.

    Michele, does that mean you’ll be dusting off the Nordic Trak?

    Wgb, I saw an ad for that walk and thought about it, but it could be too cold and I’m such a wuss when it comes to the cold. Best of luck on that, and let me know how it turns out.

    Holly, how about rip out her gullet?

    Rassles, I wish I could say she was uninteresting, but she is actually a talented artist. I think she’s been reading too much Shakespeare.

    Otto, nuts and foot in mouth syndrome.

  8. Hmm that is not what a shrink told me, a shrink told me people who have no trouble sleeping are psychopaths it is not that they do nothing wrong it is just they have no conscience and do not care or worry about anything. I guess the shrink could be wrong and your friend could be right though.


  9. That reminds me of a scene in THE USUAL SUSPECTS. One of the characters said something about putting a bunch of murder suspects in a cell for the night and the one who got sleep would be the killer.

    I’m willing to bet the shrink (and McQuarry) are correct.

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