The Last Time

Yesterday was an exciting day for one reason only. It was the very last day of Bush being in office. 

I know today is really even better, but I like the feeling of something about to happen, like the beginning of a new era.

Excitement everywhere. 

Calling all my friends just to tell them, “This is the last time I’ll talk to you while Bush is in office.”

Kissing the kids goodnight, “This is the last kiss while Bush is in office.”

Saying goodnight to Blane over the phone (he’s in San Francisco) and calling him back because I forgot to tell him, “This is the last time we say goodnight while Bush is in office.”

You know what song is stuck in my head? That one from “The Wizard of Oz” when they’re all singing, “The wicked witch is dead.”

I thought about and savored this moment in my head for eight long years. Sometimes I wish I didn’t care so much about politics. It can be so divisive.

To the rest of the world out there (non-Americans), we are all Americans today. Join us and celebrate President Obama!

I have to add this one sour note: George Bush is moving to Dallas today. I gotta get the fuck outta here.

Carry on!

P.S. This is my last post while Bush is still in office.


16 thoughts on “The Last Time

  1. Yes, please do move out of there. I’m leading a movement for the nation to secede from Texas. In spite of the fact that I was accidentally born in Ft. Worth. We were only there for about a month after I was born.

  2. ding dong the wicked warlock is gone!!!! YAY!! Eight years of his misuse of the english language is over.

    Just remember, we misunderestimated him. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (dumbass)

  3. I hear there are protests at Mockingbird Station right now regarding Bush moving to Dallas.

    My kids both got to watch the inauguration at school today. I was up and watched it too.

    What an amazing day!

  4. Hi Kitty,

    Even i have seen the inauguration.It was amazing.Amazing crowd, Lot of celebrities and it was so nice watching the president with his wife and daughters US has made History.


  5. That’s great Kumar. I saw some news last night about people all over the world watching the inauguration.
    This is the first one I’ve ever watched.

    dollface, I’m just kidding, it doesn’t really bother me that he lives here, I don’t think we’ll ever cross paths.

    Dennis, Southfork is not really in Dallas, it’s in a little town named Parker. I pass through there all the time. (I should go out there and take some photos.)

    Michele, he actually lives only about 10 miles from me. Next time you come here we’ll go egging.

  6. Praise Jebus! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Silverstar.

    I was terrified Hillary would get the nom and then we’d end up with more of the horrendous same, no matter who won, Hillary of McCain, for that and similar reasons.

    President Obama. Damn that sounds good.

  7. When Bush’s helicopter took off, I came very close to emailing you to say, “Watch out, Kitty, here he comes!!”

    The other day, I realized I have a picture of the President hanging in my office. It makes me so happy. He’s off to a great start.

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