The Bandwagon Stops to Play

My daily treadmill for thirty days goal has been reached so now I am switching to every other day. I still have a couple of pounds to lose and the entire month of February to do it.


(image stolen off the internet)

What I didn’t say when I started this exercise thing was Wii get a Wii-ward for meeting the first goal.

I couldn’t really say it because I needed to sell the idea to Blane. I’d been wanting to get one for a long time and tossed the idea out quite a few times. Mostly like this:

Me: We should get you a Wii for your birthday.

Blane: We already have two game systems.

Me: True, okay.

Repeat that same exchange every time one of the kids had a birthday or when Christmas came around.

I always kept my best argument up my sleeve. Yes, we have XBox 360, yes, we have Playstation 3 (got that mostly for the BluRay player), we have several Gameboys, Nintendo… Everyone in the family has had at least two game things. Except for me.

I, personally have never had a game system in my entire life.

That was my argument and it only took five seconds to convince Blane to happily say, “Okay.” 

Don’t get the wrong idea, I get what I want when I want it. He’s not my boss. The thing is, I knew he was adamantly opposed to getting one. I completely understood his point of view. He just didn’t know mine. I wanted him to be okay with it.

If it weren’t for WiiFit, I wouldn’t have even considered it. That’s what it’s all about and that’s what I’ll be doing every other day between treadmill days. 

The WiiFit game was hard to find. I went to several stores and they were sold out. Blane Jr. told me to call all the Blockbuster Video stores, people don’t think to look there for it. That’s how I found mine yesterday.

I did one little workout on it, not much because I had already done my exercise for the day on the treadmill. What surprised me was when the thing calculated my weight, it read 10 pounds under my home scale. I’ll try again tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure my home scale is accurate. 

In just 30 days I have gotten into good shape. It was a lot of hard work, but it only took about an hour each day. I did it wisely, working my way up to harder workouts each day. What I can do now compared to when I started is pretty shocking. And no major injuries.

I am having some problems with my foot on the steep inclines. There’s a knife-like jab to the instep every time my foot hits the ground. It’s been like that for two weeks, some days it’s worse that others, but maybe now that I’m switching to every other day, it’ll get better.

I haven’t had much sweets in the last couple of months and feel much better for it. I ate a little chocolate the other day and felt sick about five or ten minutes afterward.  

Mireille (the dog) is looking good. I haven’t weighed her yet but can feel her ribs much better. She likes the longer walks too. So does Scrappy. 

Time to go check and see how everyone else is doing…


21 thoughts on “The Bandwagon Stops to Play

  1. Welcome to the WII club. I was lucky enough to be in the wii fit group since the day it came out. I was using it daily for the longest and then just fell off of it. I think mostly because it was hard to make dylan understand that it wasn’t game time. He would be all over the board, or you or whatever because to him it’s just another game.

    Let me know if you eventually get some other games, we have a ton and they are all usually fun online. Speaking of, I have not seen Pahd-na online in forever. I don’t know if it’s bad timing with my schedule, his or both.

  2. Nice work! I was doing GREAT until this week. I really need to make a point to work out tonight. You know I love my Wii Fit 🙂 Don’t forget to get a yoga mat if you don’t have one! I spent one day doing each yoga pose one after the other and it felt so GOOD! You have to unlock things over a week or two first to get some of the tougher ones. My scale and the game are totally in sync. You sure your scale is OK? Have fun!

  3. Good job!! I think we are one of the few people who don’t have a Wii. I don’t think we’ll be getting one any time soon.

    And definitely I am still working out. I only went once this week though because there was no babysitter Tuesday, and yesterday it was raining, and today I had other things to do. Planning to go tomorrow. I’ve been going to a gym faithfully for 6 years!! And before that I went to an aerobics class for 5 years. The only real break I have taken is when I was PG with each kid.

    I actually blocked someone I didn’t want reading my blog anymore. A few actually… long story. I’m sure one of them is still reading because she gave up trying to access my blog way too easily.

  4. Capone, I think they’ve been working Padnah pretty hard lately. I haven’t seen him in real life in over a week.
    Yah, I need to figure out how to play games online, that would be fun. I guess not all games have online versions? Blane Jr. says Boom Box is a fun game, so I’ll prolly get that one.

    Hell yeah, Brian.

    Michele, did you dust off the Nordic Track?

    TP i haven’t gotten the mat, not sure if I need that since I have a rug in the area I use. I’m blaming you, btw, for me getting this thing. It was your blog post that convinced me I had to have it.

    Melanie, I love hearing you’ve had a long term exercise commitment. I’m pretty much the same, have always had some sort of thing going. If I don’t, I go loco.
    I didn’t know you could block people from reading your blog.

  5. Hi Kitty,

    Even I got to plan for this exercises, my mother says it is difficult for her to find a match for me if i am overweight.But what to do i got no time for this, have to plan for this sooner.Marriage can wait, but my mother definitely cannot wait , she fears that i may find a girl myself 🙂 .

    In India it was a Tradition that parents find a match for their children but now
    it has changed a lot , 5 out of 10 marraies in India are not Arranged ones. But i have left this to my parents, i know they respect my willingness.


  6. It’s pretty fun, Kym.

    Kumar, I wonder what sort of person my parents would have chosen for me if it would work that way here. Oh my, I hate to think about it.

    Thanks Nurse.

    Max, I have no idea how to tape it or how tight, I’ve never done that before. I’ll look it up and see how to do it, thanks for the suggestion.

    Michele, I forgot about your injury. No, you should wait until the foot is all healed before you do any major exercise involving that foot.

  7. maybe I should buy a Wii instead of doing all these 5ks! I’m pretty sure Mark would only need me to saw “why don’t we get a wii . . . ” and he’d be out the door to get one.

  8. It’s an amazing thing. Gives a great workout even if you’re playing the games.
    You can also use it to browse the internet and there is a way you can play games with your family and friends online.

  9. Hey Kitty, great job.

    I have pretty much gone the opposite of you this month. I have exercised less and less, and I’m feeling low emotionally. Not from judgment or anything like that, but from physically not moving enough. I really need that to be balanced.

    But I feel a small glimmer of energy coming back so I’m going to seize that.
    And your success in keeping to your goal helps motivate me too.

  10. Dollface, you need to get back into the routine of exercise. It only takes seven times doing something to make it a habit.
    Commit to doing something for seven days and the rest will fall into place.

  11. Kitty,

    Congrats!! You’ve found the key to feeling invincible without the use of hard drugs!

    I’ve never had any electronic games either. When my kid was growing up, there was only Atari. It was just a big black box with a stick in the middle and two sloooooow moving flat “tennis balls” that moved across the console TV screen at the speed of cold molasses. It would drive the average person of today into complete madness.

    I’m quite certain they shipped all the old Atari systems to Guantanamo where they have been used for no good! Wonder what will happen to them now?

    Keep up the good work!

  12. I remember those Atari systems. My brothers had the bright idea that we’d all get a family Christmas present one year. That thing. I had no interest but was forced to burn a good present that year. Damn the Atari!

    But yeah, that WiiFit has been a great workout. I’m sore from that thing. Seriously sore.

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