This is an amazing short that does exactly what a movie should do in the purest sense. Tell a story visually.

Even though the settings are ordinary (bachelor’s apartment, office buildings, city streets), the camera angles and movement, framing, lines, lighting, are not.

“Signs” by director Patrick Hughes is a lovely romantic story.

The lead actor and actress do not have a single line of  dialogue in here (unless you count their signs).


16 thoughts on “Signs

  1. Michele, hit reload, I’ve got a new embed. It keeps getting yanked, however, not sure how long this one will last.

    Max, for Vimeo you copy the link in the browser and use the same code as you do with Youtube. So, bracket Vimeo equals paste bracket.

    I had to find it on Youtube since the Vimeo one was yanked.

  2. Glad you two liked it.

    What’s also brilliant about this short is it parallels online dating. So it’s a pretty good commentary on meeting people that way.
    Because you know, not everyone you meet online is gonna do to you what your mamma says…
    That’s just one other thing I liked about this and should have mentioned it earlier, but didn’t want to give the story away.

  3. This is really sweet. Just in time for Valentine’s Day! I wish I had the nerve to approach the guy I have a crush on. Geez…

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