Zombie-Half-Alive or Zombie-Half-Dead?

Here’s a guest post by my dear, dear, Spanky:


Just when everyone thinks I am some sort of supergenius freakjob immune to spurts of adolescent activity, I have to go do something so utterly teenager that my mom laughs at me for it.

Supernatural started it. 

I could go on a very, very long time about Supernatural; the perfection in dialogue and casting, the guns, the knives, the kicking in of doors and the knock-down, drag-out fights. 

My type of show.

More specifically, I’ve been mooning over the two main characters. This is probably where I began my descent. So cute, I raved. So funny and so perfect. And manly. God knows I need manly after my ex.

But this obsession was quickly thrown to the backburner (mind you, still a smouldering backburner) in favor of a more overlooked component of the show.

The music.

I like rock. A lot. But I’d been a bit lost in the realm of techno and Japanese music before I started listening to the songs behind the pretty boys. 

Suddenly, the long-neglected iTunes card came into play, dwindling away quickly. 

I rifled through my mom’s old CDs, in search of Kansas or Black Sabbath. 

This was music I’d heard my whole life, music with which I’d been completely familiar, and I’d ignored it?

A crime, to be sure!

So I popped album after album into my overheated drive and loaded up, reveling in radical riffs and watching the songs pile up.

More recently, an associate sent to me twenty or so very subject-specific songs.

“Why, what subject deserves so many songs?” You might ask. 

I’d hit you on the head for not waiting for me to answer the question before you asked it, then whisper, “Zombies.”

Because every good library needs a few good zombie songs. 

In fact, for such a powerful cultural phenomenon, it struck me as peculiar that some backwoods internet crawler could only dredge up a few. Still, not terribly determined to search for any of my own, I settled for the meager brain ballads provided to me. 

Curiously enough, I came to the conclusion that there are apparently two types of post-apocalyptic envisioners: zombie-half-alive types and zombie-half-dead types.

I’m still unsure as to which one’s more optimistic.

And that’s how I ended up with four hundred “Recently Added” songs on iTunes.

Here are some, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Zombie Zoo by Tom Petty

Walk Like a Zombie by the Horrorpops

Brains! by Voltaire

Re: Your Brains by Jonathan Coulton

And, for a blast to the past…

Heat of the Moment by Asia


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