Mardi Gras Should Be a National Holiday


One of the things I miss most about Louisiana besides my family is Mardi Gras. We haven’t been back to a single one of them since we moved away from there because the kids always had school on that day. 

So I have a proposal here. How about we drop Christmas and just have Mardi Gras instead? It’s got the bright colors of gold, purple, and green (that’s an immediate improvement over the red/green motif) and there are parades, costumes, and best of all, revelry.

There is no party like Mardi Gras in Louisiana. Some places around here have tried to start one, but it just doesn’t have the right flavors. It’s like going to see that little Eiffel Tower in Vegas and trying to get the feel of Paris out of that. Can’t be done.

Oh well. Anyway…

Y’all have a happy Mardi Gras.


14 thoughts on “Mardi Gras Should Be a National Holiday

  1. Great Idea!
    I just met a woman from New Orleans on the plane home last week who said she was running away from home to Washington during Mardi Gras.
    I guess she didn’t possess your (and my) enthusiasm for the revelry.
    I think Purple, Green, and Gold is a far superior color theme to Christmas!

  2. Lea, I’ve got some relatives in New Orleans who skip town for Mardi Gras sometimes.

    Tysd, I notice you mentioned “loud.” Ha.

    Max, I haven’t been to the Mardi Gras in New Orleans, there are celebrations in just about every town in South Louisiana, it’s those little country ones I miss.

    Thanks Michele. Yeah Mardi Gras is like Bourbon St. on crack.

  3. As always I am enjoying the post but mostly – right now – I am totally grooving on that photo up there Mizz Kitty… There is harmony between the words and the image in a very mysterious way. LIke, somehow, that certain thing you can only find at Mardi Gras in Louisiana is in the photo… I dunno’…

    Perhaps we should plan a big girly mardi gras outing next year?

    And, wait, are there still truant officers? I mean, couldn’t the gals just skip a day or two? (I know, I know, bad sulya… [wink])

    Happy Mardi Gras to you beautiful!

  4. It’s nearly Mardi Gras time for Sydney too. I love this time of year – the parade is always fabulous and there’s a real sense of acceptance. Plus what’s not to love about Dykes on Bikes and the Marching Boys?

  5. I would love to forego Christmas for Mardi Gras. When we were in Spain, the celebrations for Three Kings Day were awesome. We saw a parade at midnight in Madrid, streets lined with people eating, dancing, waving and singing as the floats went by. All sorts of people, including children and families all over the place. It was fantastic!

  6. The day after Mardi Gras I went to the store where I bought the King Cake in that photo.
    There were three different stacks of these things on clearance. Since I had pretty much single handedly taken care of the cake, I knew better than to put another one in my basket. It was tough. Really tough. The final stack was right by the cash register. I had to slap my own hand to keep from buying it.
    Oh temptation.

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