O la la, Shoes

I got some new scoop from Bryan Sadowski on Carolina Pagano shoes that are coming out in the fall of 2009. Bryan and his wife Carolina Sadowski, a Brazilian designer started a fashion company in 2006 which I wrote about in this post.

First, meet the lovely designer, Carolina. (all photos courtesy of Bryan)

I feel about ten times cooler now that I’ve said, “Meet the designer.” I don’t actually know Carolina, but maybe one day we’ll be in Paris at the same time and we’ll bump into each other. She’s from Sao Paulo, Brazil but currently resides in Seattle, WA.

You can find her impressive bio here.

Now. Shoes!

I’ll start with my favorite.

What a gorgeous silhouette. I love the mix of textures and colors in her fall line. The color palate, inspired by the natural beauty of Brazil include neutrals such as coffee, black, hazelnut, and cement.

She’s using materials such as hand carved leather from Brazil, best seen in this flat with a fish scale pattern.

Also in this sexy heel.

There’s even something for you boot lovers.

Again, I’m loving the mix of colors and the textures of this collection.

Next, we have another beautiful hand-carved leather, but in a zebra pattern.

Love it, love it, love it. 

This patent leather heel has lovely gold leather trim that turns a classic look into extraordinary.

It is a shoe you keep for life and hand down to your grandchildren.

Another feature of this collection is the use of semi-precious stone embellishments. 

The first thought I had when I saw this shoe was, wow, foot jewelry.

Then I read this quote from Carolina regarding her thoughts on the 2009 fall collection, “To each pair I added details like trims made of bronze leather, semi-precious stones and specially made leathers. Something that makes a woman look at her feet and simply smile, the way you admire a beautiful piece of jewelry.”

Also new since my last Pagano post is the ability to order these couture shoes online. Posh on Main, of Seattle carries them. 

Thanks, Bryan for the lovely photos and info and best of luck at the upcoming Workshop in Paris!


12 thoughts on “O la la, Shoes

  1. If I had these shoes they would be in an alarmed display case. They are works of art. They also make my feet hurt just looking at them. Actually, Posh is in Bellevue, which is way far away from Seattle across the lake. Well, it is if you have to ride the bus. I had to look it up because I couldn’t imagine a posh shoe store on Seattle’s Main Street.

  2. I want the boots. But only to wear for corset friday photos. like silverstar, they make my feet hurt just looking at them… ah that wicked combination of pain and lust…

  3. Being a dude, I’ve never understood heels. My daughter and I went to a women’s basketball game at the university I attend last night, and all the managers for the visiting team took the floor in very high heels. And they were quite talented, tossing the rock back and forth, setting up drills for the pre-game warm-up, even running a bit.

    All I could think was how they’ll be kicking them things off on the bus ride home . . .

    • That is one of the many reasons I’m glad I wasn’t born a dude. Our right to wear heels and be 4 inches taller in an instant.
      I can run in those things, too if I have to.

    • Those flats are gorgeous. I can’t wear flats since I’m short, but hey I’m all for pushing you tall chicks to wear more flats.

  4. Hey Miss Kitty,

    Jeez, I feel like I just greeted the barmaid from Gunsmoke! Oops, I’m dating myself…like that ever mattered, huh? I love the SHOES! Okay, not that I could wear them – knee surgeries prevent my wearing some of the more fun shoes I look at longingly.

    Thanks for stopping by mysteryoriley today. I have this fantasy that someday my family and yours will meet in Paris (France, that is) for coffee and conversation. What’s more likely is that I’ll meet you in Texas someday, or hey, California. Weirdly, I have this idea of what your voice sounds like. I wonder if it’s true.

    I think of you often, too. I sometimes wish I could call up the friends I’ve made from the blog and schedule a gathering. I think it would be amazing. And, I imagine the photos of all of us, laughing, crying, singing. I imagine the ducks, too. Surely, there would be ducks.

    Ha! I just saw ducks in high heels!!!


    • Oh I know Gunsmoke, I used to watch it with my dad.

      If you are ever in the Dallas area, I’d love to meet you for coffee. Or Paris. Or Napa Valley, I do go to California to visit friends there. One of my daughters has been asking me to take her out there to the LA area, so we’ll be going sometime in the next few years, hopefully. It would be fun to go on a road trip along the California coast.
      I’ll let you know when we do.

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