Spring Break Neck

My kids are going to kill me for what I’ve done to their spring break.

A week from tomorrow we will be heading to Greece. A few days ago I scoured the internet looking for tickets that would get us to the Galapagos Islands  and somehow ended up with tickets to Athens. Sorry, giant tortoise, maybe next time…

We wanted to go someplace warm but not a place where the spring break crowd would be (I speak for everyone but Kara who wants to be a part of that pack, but I have power over her for now). Someplace far, far, away. I was supposed to look for tickets a long time ago, but I don’t know, I don’t like planning things too far in advance. Or maybe I just don’t like committing to anything. I hope I never figure out the whys to that and remain flexible and open to stuff at the last minute until they lay my body into the ground. I thrive on that shit, new things coming at me really fast.

So hell yeah, Greece, let’s go.

I’ve got a buddy who lives there who I’ve been dying to meet, Sophia, a girl I met in Max’s online screenwriter’s group. It’s strange, I feel as if we’ve already actually met in person. It also seems as if she lives over in the next city, not on the other side of an ocean.

It’s a short trip, just one week (that is short for visiting Greece), but I am sort of looking at this thing as an intro. We’ll be in Athens for a couple of days, then head out to one of the islands. Funny thing, I didn’t book the Galapagos thing because it involved too many flights, but ended up with the same situation, too many flights. There are no straight flights to Athens from here, so we stop over in Amsterdam on the way there and back. Another flight to the islands. By the time this trip is done, we will have taken seven flights.

My kids are going to kill me.

Before that, though, we get to see this:


Man o man. 

See, if I’d booked this three months ago, I wouldn’t have been able to sleep at night waiting for this trip. 

I love my life. Even if my kids are gonna kill me.


32 thoughts on “Spring Break Neck

  1. We are honored to have you and your family here, Kit. It feels like we are expecting close friends who live a couple of hours away. I’m so looking forward to having you here with us. Muah!!

    Michele, you should come hug me yourself. What do you think?

    • I’m getting so charged about this trip I can barely sit still. See why the last minute planning. I couldn’t deal if I had to wait weeks or months to go.

    • I haven’t heard anything about anyone not wanting to go this time.

      It’ll be like heaven for me, I’m bringing the good camera this time.

    • I just got back from the bookstore with a Nat Geo travel guide. They have some gorgeous photos of the market in there. Yeah, I’ll try to catch that.

    • Thanks tp, I haven’t even left yet and already have a whacked travel tale.

      Booked a nonrefundable room near the Athens airport, one with a free shuttle for the night before we return. I get Sophia to call the place to find out how to get on the shuttle and they say they don’t have a shuttle. They aren’t anywhere near the airport, either. Not close to the city center…

      Luckily, I called the booking service and managed to get my money back.

  2. Hope you have a nice trip. Next time I highly recommended you to travel to the Galapagos Islands because they are the most incredible living museum of evolutionary changes, with a huge variety of exotic species (birds, land animals, plants) and landscapes not seen anywhere else.


  3. I am anticipating lots of your magnificent photographs!
    By the way, if I had kids, I would let them kill me to go there.
    And a stop in Amsterdam?
    What kid doesn’t want to go to Amsterdam on spring break?
    Have a blast, kitty!

    • “What kid doesn’t want to go to Amsterdam on spring break?”

      Lea, one of the girls is so looking forward to that part, it scares me.

  4. Hey Michele, I’m using a combo of Expedia, Travelocity, the people at the link you sent, and Sophia (she worked as a travel agent once).
    I’m open to suggestions if you have any recommendations.

    Thanks for visiting Zuri. No doubt I will head to the Galapagos, it is on my must see list, all the way at the top.

  5. You are such a tease what did Sophia say?

    I am in love with the book My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell so I have always wanted to go to Corfu. :::sigh:::

  6. I spent a month traveling in Greece as an undergrad. Now that was 1985, so things no doubt have changed….

    The islands were truly spectacular. Absolutely amazing views of the water! Sunsets incredible. Sandy beaches. Perfect weather. Delicious food. Loved visiting the mainland sites like the original Olympic stadium, too.

    Athens. Well. Undoubtedly, being with Sophia while there will make it lovely for you, I’m sure!

    Greece is an absolute MUST SEE destination! Have a great time. Your kids are lucky!

  7. Thanks Writinggb, and that sounds like an amazing trip in 1985.

    I’ve got some great reservations in place thanks to my friend Sophia. I can’t wait to see her and her country.

  8. I hope I do them justice, Kumar. Should be one of my favorite trips, I’m getting better at this travel thing and the kids are old enough to carry their own bags now.

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