Greece is the word

I’m sitting here looking over the photos from this trip and I don’t even have a clue as to which ones to put up here because I have never taken such a stunning set like this before.

I still can’t believe we’ve gone there and come back. It doesn’t even seem real. The entire thing was like a dreamscape.

Where to begin…

First, we went to Athens to see my friend Sophia whom I know from an online writer’s workshop. Sophia is a brilliant writer who never fails to make me laugh until I cry. It’s the strangest thing, I always knew I would end up meeting her. I’d only seen one or two photos of her, so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to spot her out from a crowd.

When we did meet, it was pouring down raining, a little chilly, and we’d just gotten off the train to her suburb. We’d forgotten our umbrellas at the hotel, but I had a cowboy hat over my head (I’d brought it as a gift for her husband) and Sophia spotted it, ran straight to me and engulfed me in one gigantic hug.

We all went to her house for the evening and her mom cooked us a big fat Greek dinner that was outrageously delicious. Her mother didn’t speak English, but she spoke French, so we were able to communicate just fine. It was the strangest thing, I felt as if I’d already met her mother a long time ago. I felt as if I’d met Sopia as well, but I’d “known” her for three years via the workshop.

Sophia’s husband speaks a lot more English than we expected and is a kind, hilarious, and amazing father. The twins were a riot, seven month-old little giggle babies! You just look at them and they explode in laughter. They are also the prettiest little girls in Greece.

One other thing we had to do in Athens was visit the Acropolis. It is beautiful at night with all the spotlights and is amazing up close during the daytime. Here are some architecture students from Germany studying the angles of one of the temples.


There are no straight lines in the columns of the Parthenon. It amazes me that the Greek architects of 2600 years ago knew that the human eye tends to warp straight lines, so they tapered the columns so that the eye would see them as straight.


Hell, I’m tired. I’ll do a Big Fat Greek post tomorrow with some pretty pictures, I swear. Blane has the flu or something and I feel as if I’m off my game as far as writing a blog post that is remotely entertaining and since Greece is so amazing, it deserves better than what I can deliver today.

Just want to let you all know I’m alive and well and back home.

I’ve got a couple of photos over on my Flickr page. Keep checking back there, I’ll try to put up a new one every day.


18 thoughts on “Greece is the word

  1. What an amazing trip it must have been! What a dream come true to see such a gorgeous place. Awesome photos so far. Can’t wait to see the rest.

    • Those are such exotic places, Stil. I’ve been wanting to go to New Delhi for a while now, a friend of mine went there for a month and came back with the wildest stories.
      Australia, if I go there it will have to be in stages, 24 hour flight, I think I’d lose my mind.

  2. Great that you all had a wonderful time. Can’t wait to see more awesome pictures. Feel better Kitty. How is Blane feeling?

  3. Hi Raolin, thanks for visiting. It was a magical day with the clouds. Even the photos on our mobile phones look great because of the storm heading out way.

    Voodoo, it’s been hell week, everyone sick except for Kara. We are just starting to come around again today. Finally. Thanks for asking.

    Rassles, you being such a cool history nerd, you’d love it.

  4. Sounds like a good trip girl. wish I could go one day.
    Hope you feel better tomorrow.

  5. Hi Kitty and Welcome Home!
    I just love your travel stories and you bet I’m looking forward to more pictures.
    My Uncle spent some time in Greece and I can’t wait to send him this link-he’s going to love it and maybe he’ll go back and take his favorite niece with him šŸ™‚

    anita marie

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