Fry’s is a gigantic electronics store in town that is a supergeek hangout. They have crazy weekly specials that get all the nerd boys and girls out their cubicles on Fridays.

Both my Blanes are Fry babys. Their faces light up at just the mention of the place. When Blane Jr. was still in school, I remember him waking at 5AM to go get the newspaper for their ad page. It was the craziest thing because he’s like me, he likes to stay up all night and sleep late.

The only time I go there is when we stop by on the way home from our favorite BBQ hole. Once in Fry’s, we’ll divide up and hit the aisles that interest us. I’m not sure where the others go, but I usually start by watching people’s faces as they play video games. Some stick their tongues out, some jump up and down when they win or lose, and some just sit there lifeless.

Another thing that interests me is the Apple aisle. I’m prepared by the time I get to it by repeating to myself, I’m not buying anything, I’m not buying, not buying… Not while Blane’s around, at least. He lets me splurge on things, but like he says, he doesn’t want to know about it. It’s just the way things are and I don’t abuse it too much.

Back to the Apple aisle. This is where I got my ears all jacked up. Ruined for life. Where I casually slipped on a pair of Dr. Dre’s headphones.

Now I have some great earphones, a pair of wireless Sennheiser’s I got some years back for my birthday. Top of the line stuff, you know, gift from Blane.

But those Dr. Dre headphones? It was a moment like in Wizard of Oz when the wicked witch gets smashed by the house and everything turns to color. Also a little bit like touching an electric fence and not being able to let go. I have never in my life heard music like that before and now I’m all messed up because I’m listening to craptastic sound without them.

I wish I’d never tried them. I’d rather not know what my ears are missing.


10 thoughts on “Ruined

  1. I go retro from time to time with my cassette Walkman, too, Anita Marie. I’ve got loads of language tapes on there as well as music I haven’t bought on CD.
    What I don’t have is a turntable which is back in vogue.
    Gots lotsa vinyl, though.

  2. Thanks for the warning. I will stay away from Fry’s (long bus trip for me, anyway.) I will definitely stay out of the Apple aisle, as I am allergic to all things Apple. And I will not try those headphones. Even though they would probably make my Google-phone into a fantastic mp3 player. It’s not bad as it is.

  3. Oh Kitty just do it. Buy those headphones. Just go with out Blane. You know you will. lol How are you all feeling? Hope you are all well.

  4. Well, well, Greece and Fry’s. You guys live such an amazing life!

    Fry’s is one of my favorite big box stores – all electronic stuff that makes me want to spend money I’ve not yet made. Luckily (and sadly), there’s no Fry’s near us now. When we lived in San Diego, it was one of those places we used to spend lazy Saturday afternoons just because it was there. I don’t remember ever leaving empty handed. Nat was living in Northern California at the time, so Dave, Owen, and I made our way there together – and out – together, but with bags of gadgets and software, and the associated lighter wallets.

    As for Greece? It’s on THE LIST. Beautiful photos, glad you took the digital!

    Thanks for the recent introduction to Paula.

  5. Oh, and that Bunny ear thing (your next post, in case your memory has been erased by a cocoa bean)? I think I’m 5 pounds heavier than before Easter, but I live on the west coast, so…the Ninjas definitely did it.

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