The Best Part

This happens every Easter. Before I can even get a good look at my chocolate bunny, the ears are gone.


Now that’s just wrong.

Of course absolutely no one admits to the crime, so after ears and years of this, I decided to set up a hidden camera to put this mystery to rest.

Warning: The images you are about to see are real and could severely damage perceptions of your childhood superhero. Dude.


First they snuck up on my poor-innocent-extra-long-eared chocolate rabbit.

Then they attacked with their precision tools.




My poor bunny looks on in horror as these smug mutant ninja thieves haul off with the best part.

I will get these ninja turtles if it is the last thing I do. Stay tuned for the car chase scene… Explosions are kept to a minimum in hopes for a safe return of the bunny ears.

For now, have a happy Easter.


27 thoughts on “The Best Part

  1. And hilarity ensues! Idea: Buy a solid Easter bunny. It makes removal of the ears a little more complicated for the Ninjas (i.e., num chucks just won’t cut it).

  2. That’s pretty funny! My Mom always swiped the ears off my bunnies when I was a kid. I had no idea why for years and years!!

  3. Melanie, I’d do that to my kids’ bunnies if they don’t hide them from me.

    Max and Voodoo, they must not have gotten to your bunnies.

    Rassles, you can just see the humiliation in the rabbit’s eyes.

    Ginny, they’ve mutated again. Let’s see if they have this much definition in their muscles next year from all that chocolate.

  4. Wait. You got a chocolate bunny…? But you’re a GROWN up LADY!! How come you got a bunny? How did you score that, I wonder! (And more to the point, how come I did NOT!!)

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