When she was born in her birth suit…

Every time Spanky’s birthday rolls around I think of this Cajun song by Rockin’ Sidney, “Don’t Mess with My Toot Toot.”

The reason I think of that song is because of the lyrics, “When she was born in her birth suit, the doctor slapped her behind, he said ‘You’re gonna be special.'”

See, when Spanky was born and the doctor slapped her feet to get her breathing going, Spanky just looked up at the world as if to say, “Ah, so this is it what’s going on where that noise was coming from.”

She didn’t cry.

That worried me to no end. I’d seen a lot of births working in the hospitals and this was the first one I saw where the baby didn’t cry. They kept telling me she was okay, but I didn’t believe them, I thought the worst. I was right in the middle of a c-section and trying to lift my shoulders and head to see the baby to make sure. Probably drove them all crazy in there.

She was just chill for a little baby. When they brought her to my room, I didn’t think she looked like us. I secretly worried that someone had switched the babies. Then I found out she was the only baby girl in the nursery, there were ten boys and Spanky.

So she’s ours. For sure.




14 thoughts on “When she was born in her birth suit…

  1. Happy birthday to Spanky, too. The one baby I delivered on my couch didn’t cry either, or not much. She just looked around at the world. The mom was worried, especially since she’d been told the baby was too small by ultrasound. She was small, about 5 lbs, but perfectly fine.

  2. Aw thanks you guys… I can’t wait until she sees this.

    Sorry I haven’t been to your blogs lately, I’m writing like a maniac to enter in the Nicholl this year (screenwriting contest).

    [cue the fangirls] LOL.

  3. I have a daughter like that. She was so quiet, and still is. Pensive. Her mind always chewing on something. And quite special . . .

    Just like your precious girl. Happy birthday!

  4. Thanks you two.

    Ever notice how much your kids love hearing stories about when they were little? No matter how involved they are with something, if you have a baby story for them they’d drop it and give you their full attention to hear it. Even if they’ve already heard it a hundred times.

  5. Yeh, they LOVE to hear about themselves. 🙂

    I didn’t know Spanky plays cello. My bubbie does, too! How old is she? I think I missed that detail. Mine’s eleven, but his birthday isn’t until Nov.

    Good luck on the writing! I’ve been incognito, too, lately.

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