Just Writing

I’ve been so busy rewriting my script I haven’t had much time to comment on blogs or write posts. It’s screenwriting contest season.

Great news, I’ve entered my screenplay in the Nicholl. That is officially the very first time I’ve submitted any of my writing in a competition. This is a huge step for me as I’m actually a timid writer.

Austin is next and they’ve extended the deadline to June 8th. This is fantastic as I’ve lost a week rebuilding my daughter’s computer (hard drive failure, had to take it apart and replace it. This is an iMac and I think an appendectomy is easier to perform).

Anyway, one of the things that helped me do the rewrite was to have a goal. I told myself if I won Nicholl I would buy myself those Dr. Dre headphones I’ve been coveting.

After walking around with dark circles under my eyes from severe sleep depravation, I decided if I’d just make the first cut, I’d buy myself the headphones. I even went to Fry’s yesterday and tried them on again. To make sure.

I’m pretty damned sure. So it’s still on, right. And hey, I can up my chances if I enter Austin’s competition. If I place in that one, I get the Dre’s.

Wish me luck.


18 thoughts on “Just Writing

  1. YEY! YEY! You submitted your script! That’s awesome! I say you deserve the headphones for submitting your script to two competitions after years of not submitting – that is a HUGE hurdle and deserves a reward!!!

  2. I often intentionally leave details out of a story in case someone asks questions it makes the comments section a bit more fun.

    I’ll just go ahead and tip my hand now since most of you think I should get the headphones.

    Here’s some strange stuff that happened in the last couple of days.

    Night before last as I was returning from walking the dogs, a tiny piece of paper blew into the house. I picked it up and it was one of those fortune cookie notes. It said, “A dream you have will come true.”

    Next day I was telling Spanky about it and she said it was hers, that it must have come out of her pocket as she dug out her house key.

    Okay fine. Spanky takes back her dream come true. Last night I was cleaning out a desk drawer and found $300 I had rat-holed (and forgot where I hid it). This was from many years ago and I just about lost my mind looking for that cash. Even moved from one house to another since then.

    So here is the thing. There is almost the exact amount I need for these headphones that fell from the sky so to speak and the timing is magical. Am I going to buy the headphones?

    No. If I place, I will use the money for the headphones. Deal’s a deal. Even with myself.

    I have got to work hard and EARN them. No deux ex machina.

  3. Hmmmm… I think I want you to hire me to sue you for a better deal, then. OBVIOUSLY – I want you to place and certainly know you are capable but it seems to me that the timing of finding the money indicates that even forces unknown want you to have those headphones based entirely on your efforts and bravery (i.e that you HAVE worked hard, you HAVE earned them) as regards submitting scripts and I am willing to say so in a “Court of Kitty” pro bono so just say the word…

    Of course, if this is like hockey players with beards during playoffs then I totally respect that and will hold off my suit (huge smile).

  4. What was I thinking…

    Uh, those headphones are on sale at Fry’s, 30% off. Last day of sale today.

    I just bought them. I better place in something.

  5. Finding the cash and the headphones on sale? The universe really wanted you to have those, whether you placed or not. Besides, you placed your work into the competition, didn’t you?

  6. I still haven’t opened them. I’m afraid this booming voice will go off in my head, “YOu shouldn’t have touched those things. Now you are jinxed from ever winning anything.”

  7. Kitty,
    I’ve learned from being a competitor and a judge that you can’t control what others think of your work. You can control whether you do the work. Reward doing what is in your control. Open the damn package. Enjoy the headphones. Having the courage to enter and the strength to write are reasons enough.

    I’d like to read your script. Please post it.

    Good luck but you’ve already won in the life department. You didn’t let fear of the judgment of others keep you from trying.

  8. Congratulations on finishing. Good luck in the contest. Sounds like you can afford the headphones. So just enjoy. Have a good weekend.

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