Portable Brain

See this thing right here?


That is what I call my portable brain. It’s my hard drive from my MacBook Pro that I took out last week.

It’s still good, it didn’t crash or anything, it just got filled up with thoughts, photos, videos… my life. Maxed out 100 gig. So I ordered a 320 gig and cloned the old drive with Super Duper (free software, yay) and dropped the new one in my machine and I’m good to go.

I wish I’d thought of this sooner. I had this massive photo scanning project going since last summer, about 10,000 photos in the dining room. I got about half way through and ran out of hard disk.

So there I was stuck in the middle of that. I didn’t think to get a bigger hard drive, the plan was to get the scanned photos sorted (decades of them which began before my dad was even born), move those over to an external HD and then finish the job of scanning.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the dining room has been a massive mess that I tried to pretend didn’t exist. Although I don’t usually roll that way, I managed for almost a year and surprisingly, Blane did as well.

So when Kara’s hard drive failed and we had to take her computer apart to replace it, I got the idea to do the same with my computer. Ah, the ideas that flow when backed into a corner with a gun to the head.

Okay, so I’m all sorted out with the computer things and the photo project is back on, piles are getting smaller, and the dining room is getting back into shape as the useless room that it is.

Here is a photo I scanned from my dad’s old box of negatives. I’d never seen this photo before, my parents must have sent the paper copy to family.


I just think it’s amazing to find something like this. It’s like going back in a time machine.

The boy with the big head is my brother Jim, the other is Shane, and the baby trying to break free is me. Funny thing about any baby photo of me, I’m always trying to get back into my dad’s arms. They used to tell me that I didn’t walk until I was three because my dad carried me all the time.

Back then it was considered a bad thing to hold your kids all the time, but my dad didn’t play by the rules. He did what he wanted to do and I’m glad he did.


17 thoughts on “Portable Brain

  1. Snuggie How did you miss that down in Texas, unless like me you don’t watch TV.

    Well, I’ve got my stuff all spread out over three hard drives now, two internal and one external, and have a fourth drive that does backup. I’m saving for a 1.5 T hard drive, because with the video I’m doing now, I’m going to need it. I’ll check out the free software for when I get my new drive.

  2. Such a nice memory that you relate here re daddy’s arms.

    It still completely boggles my mind the amount of memory to be had on HD’s, thumb drives, external drives. Remember doing data entry with punch cards? A room full of computer banks with big wheels of magnetic tape – all special climate and dust controlled.

    Geez, progress….. there’s is more memory in my cell phone than was on my first desk top.

  3. Oh, lol, the backwards bathrobe? I didn’t know it had a name but man, is that a stupid invention or what?

    Yeah video is a memory eater. 1.5 TB is huge, that should be perfect for all you’re shooting these days.

    Norm, yes the amount of data I can put on this tiny gadget blows my mind.
    I’m also thinking kids today have a lot more RAM in their head than I do. They can do a million things at once and I can only do pretty much one thing at a time.
    If only I could upgrade the memory in my head…

  4. Scratch the Winclone thing, that is for Mac users with a Windows partition.

    I’ll ask my son about a good clone program for PCs and get back to you.

    • The cloning program I used copied the drive bit by bit. Which means I didn’t have to load a single program CD.
      It is wonderful and definitely the way to go.

  5. What a sweet photo! I love discovering such treasures. Old photos can tell us a lot more than one would think. I’ve asked students to write about an old photo before, and they’ve created some interesting pieces. I wonder if digital has the same effect (or will decades down the road?) I mean, the only photos in albums are printed. My digital just sit somewhere completely hidden. What are you doing with all the photos once they are organized…?

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