Still Here

Lately I’ve almost forgotten I’ve got a blog. I’ve been doing a lot of writing elsewhere, rewriting my spec script for contests, a visual writing class, and then other busy things.

It’s been rough as I haven’t had the energy left over to do much blogging or take photos or get out in the sunshine. Now that my submission is in and the writing class is winding down, I should have more time to get back to The Show.

I’m still exercising like a maniac, that’s six months of good solid habit. I feel great and continue to push a little harder with each workout.

Got some exciting news, my son Blane and his wife are expecting their first baby at the end of October! Of course you know I will completely take over and spoil that to the bone. I haven’t thought of a grandmother name yet. I really don’t care for those names and would actually like to be called by my real name, “Kitty.”

I know this is odd. I don’t care. When I talked to my mom about it, she kept saying “ahahhaaha you are going to be a granny.”

I know twenty-five year olds who are “grannies.” I will never be one of them. I cuss and go to rock concerts and don’t even own a rocking chair. I need to get one of those.

I was at Blane Jr.’s house a couple of nights ago helping him paint a room. We were up at 2AM and I asked him if this was usual for him to be up so late on a work night. He said he was both a night owl and an early bird.

Now I’m not much of an advice giver unless someone asks, but I told him he might want to use the upcoming months to get ahead on his sleep. Once the kids come in the picture, there’s not a good night’s sleep coming for at least the next 21 years.

Then I told him about the first morning I woke up with him after we got out of the hospital. Kids, even when adults never outgrow hearing baby stories about themselves.

I was worried I wouldn’t hear him cry during the night because he sounded like a newborn kitten when he cried. I was just a teenager and had never been around babies. I was clueless and I knew it.

So that first morning I woke up after a full night’s sleep. And my baby was gone. I went into my parent’s room and found my mom wiping him down with a washrag.

Me: What ya doin’?
Mom: Giving him a sponge bath.
Me: Where is the sponge and why don’t we put him in the tub instead?
Mom: You can’t get their belly buttons wet!

There were tons of people around me for the following weeks giving out massive amounts of advice. That got old pretty quickly and you know, you look at these people and look at their kids and think, I really don’t want this person’s advice.

So I went to the library and checked out every parenting book I could get my hands on. When people would dish out advice, my mom would say (with sarcasm), “She won’t do it, that’s not what the books says.”

She and the old hens would cackle about this, but you know me, I’m fine with people getting a good laugh on me. In the end, I’ve raised (am still raising) a good batch of kids.


23 thoughts on “Still Here

  1. I think Kitty is a fabulous name for a grandmother. My youngest son fathered a child at 19. He did all the ante natal stuff with C. and was there for the birth but sadly, even though he supports the child financially, he doesn’t see him.

    C. is a lovely girl (they weren’t even really ‘going out’ – why oh why wouldn’t you use a condom with a casual sex partner?) who has been very obliging about letting me into their lives so every month I visit my adorable grandson. He calls me Nanny.

    Of course I don’t mention the granny thing too often on my blog. doesn’t really gel with the nursemyra corset Friday image 😉

    Anyway, congratulations Kitty, I think this is fabulous news

  2. Congratulations, You and Blane will be a wonderful grand parents. My mother got her great grand children to call her GG.

  3. My mom’s “grandma name” is her name with a diminutive after it. Your name is already has that and I think it will sound just right in a little guy’s mouth. Congratulations!

  4. Congrats and enjoy the hell out of the experience. It’s even better than having your own.

    ……..and many more!!! ta-da!!

    tpg made me laugh with her Miss Kitty comment – go for it.

  5. Neither Granny nor Miss Kitty will do.

    In all of this excitement, I wrote the baby is due in October and it is due in November.

    See? i just can’t wait.

    Thanks, all of you, for the congrats.

  6. [Notice I say “they,” I am assuming over time there will be other grandbabies. That requires future planning because right now right here you are setting a precedent that will stick.]

  7. That’s the thing, precedence.

    I’ve thought this trough for over twenty years, since the time my mom was facing becoming a grandmother. I thought back then there was too much fuss over it and what was important was the name the kid got.

    I do realize this child will have a special connection to me and calling me “Kitty” might make them seem like an ordinary person, and I don’t want that.

    So here is how things will go down. My son and his wife will tell the kid something like, “We’re going to ———-‘s house.”
    The kid will try to say my name. It will sound like “Key” at first and be some mutation of something and he/she can call me anything they want.
    As long as it isn’t “granny” because any kid calling me that is likely to get his ass whupped.

    Just kidding, i have never spanked a child in my life.

  8. Never in my life so far have I seen a grandma hitting MCR concerts. So, in your case, you literally rock!! No matter what the name of the baby, with you and Blane Sr. for grandparents, one thing is for sure: for that baby the world is gonna be a blast. Congrats, Kitty. I’m so looking forward to your first email about your first diaper experience as a granny (jeez, as hard as I try, “you” and “granny” do not belong in the same sentence. Oh, and the rocking chair image is beautiful).

  9. Well I haven’t gone to any concerts as a grandma.
    I’m sure I will.

    Don’t forget, young parents become young grandparents.

    Hold the rocking chair. Yesterday I walked three miles uphill, ran three miles, cycled five miles, and swam some laps.

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