That’s Her!

It looked more like a college than a high school graduation. The floor of the arena had over 1400 chairs lined up for the graduates who poured in from four different entrances.

From way up there in the nose bleed section, they all looked like marching ants, identically dressed in maroon caps and gowns. There was a Jumbotron showing random angles, but we really didn’t think we’d know which one was Kara until they called her name right before handing her the diploma.

sea of grads

I was determined to know where she was amongst this sea of newborn adults for the entire ceremony, not just at the end. I wanted to hang on to every single moment of her childhood, young adulthood, to her.

I quickly developed a method to find her. First, I placed an imaginary alphabetically ordered grid over the seats and predicted the section she would sit.

Next, I kept an eye on the entrance that fed kids into that area. I ruled out the tall kids, or any of them who didn’t have long, straight blonde hair. That might seem easy enough, but they all looked the same height from my perspective, and almost all the girls have long blonde hair. This is Texas.

I had to yank out the secret weapon.

I ran those kids’ “walk” though my “mamma-knows-her-kid” filter.

Kara has always had this walk like a ballerina. She tip toes with these light, brisk steps while her upper body tilts a little forward. Like she can’t wait to get somewhere (she can’t). Her head glides smoothly with each step. Reminds me also of a hummingbird.

When she’s nervous, throw in a dramatic arm swing.

That swing is what I noticed first.

“That’s her!” I yelped, and finished to myself, That’s my girl.

It was. And she will always be my Sweetpea, my girl.


Yay Kara!!!


17 thoughts on “That’s Her!

  1. Congratulations Kara. Kitty you and Blane must be so proud. Your mom has been asking me if you said anything about the graduation.

  2. For my oldest boy, I imagine I’ll be looking for his long red hair flowing down the back of his gown.

    Ain’t it cool, the ways in which we “recognize” our kids?

    Great post, and congrats, Kara!

  3. BTW, I am dying to know, how well did the camera work from the nose bleed section? Cuz that’s where I sat too last weekend at a special person’s graduation….

  4. Bunk, you ain’t got a thing if you ain’t got that swing.

    K pownd, I remember when you were small enough to hold.

    Voodoo, thanks. Blane and I did have ear to ear grins and teary eyes.

    tysdaddy, oh yeah! Flaming red hair, tell him to keep it long until after the graduation.

    TP, yeah, the football and baseball field, same sort of deal looking for your kid.

    Thanks Ginny.

    Stil, the camera worked well for close shots. I don’t have a zoom lens yet, so I really couldn’t get any shots of her from way up there.
    A shame really because the photographer who was taking photos of the grads getting their diploma really messed up on Kara’s. He took a photo of his shoe.

  5. Kitty….how bittersweet, huh?? I always tear up when I read something written by a mom or dad describing how they feel when they see their kid accomplish something! To me, this is the kinda stuff that keeps us all going. I loved how you described your daughter in such vividly touching detail. Congratulations! What a cool mom you are! And quit makin’ me cry, damn it!

  6. Hey Julie. It is bittersweet, such a big moment and I just kept wanting it to hold off for a little while longer so I can catch up. Thing is I don’t think I’ll ever catch up, so I just sit back and watch and hope they come back home safely and often.

    Hi Joan, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. That’s my favorite part, too.
    She still smiles when I tell her she’s my girl and I love that about her.

  7. What an awesome moment for you! Your description made me gulp just reliving the feeling of my own daughter who graduated on June 7. I think it’s interesting that we both have daughters whose names start with K who graduated in maroon caps and gowns within days of each other.

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