mini wheats star trek shirt

One of Spanky’s friends was over the other day and while we were all playing Scrabble, she mentioned how she was a big fan of Captain Kirk.

I told her about the Kellogg’s Mini Wheats offer. You collect these tokens off the box, send them in, and get a free Starfleet tee shirt (or just one token and $9.99). Oh boy. We happened to have a box of the cereal in the pantry as Blane loves the stuff.

She reminded me of a friend I had in grade school who was bananas about Star Trek and had made her own geeky Captain Kirk costume one halloween. I really felt for that kid as her costume was quite shabby. I wished I could reach back in time and give that kid one of these shirts. I really wish I could. But I don’t know her anymore.

I do know this other kid who is just as passionate about Star Trek and equally deserving. And since Blane’s been sending me to the store for more, more, more Frosted Mini Wheats, I told the kid if she went to the store and got eight more boxes of it, she could have all the tokens.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and we are sick of these damn Mini Wheats. Don’t ever want to see them again. Ever.

So I saved the day by getting some Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

cinnamon toast crunch

Spanky’s looking over the box and says, “Look how thick this guy’s glasses are, I don’t think I’d let him cook anything for me.”

Looking at him closely, I realize he looks like someone else.

tony chachere

This guy!

If you are interested in the Star Trek shirt offer which ends 6/30/10, check out Kellogg’s Star Trek promotions website.


7 thoughts on “mini wheats star trek shirt

  1. I remember, as a kid, always trying to save up the box tops for offers, but my folks never sent them in. But I got even! Remember those old LP offers where all you had to do was fill in some numbers, tape a penny to the postcard, and send it in? I found a stamp lying around, so I did it. Got a Conway Twitty album AND a Sister Sledge album. I was so rockin’ . . .

    Oh, and I do love me some Cinnamon Toast Crunch . . . mini wheats, not so much.

  2. Brian, I don’t remember that offer, I remember one where the record was printed on the cereal box. You just cut it off the box and the damn thing was so warped you were lucky if it would play. Seems like it was on a Frankenberry or Count Chockula box and they were scary sounds and songs?

    Silverstar, I love those sweet cereals. Especially if it has marshmallows in it. Hearts, moons, diamonds…

    Hey Holly, thanks for the offer. Wish I’d put out a plea for those before getting all those boxes of cereal.

  3. Guess Tony was older than the other chef because Tony has big ears. I remember getting a red colored record from cereal.

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