Massive Failure

I dropped Spanky off at her driving school only to be called back to pick her up because they had over scheduled drive times. Now if she had cancelled, I would have had to pay a $25 cancellation fee. I know this because I had to pay once when Kara went to that same school and had to miss an appointment due to illness.

So I drove back over there, walked in with my big sunglasses on and told the reception that they owe me twenty five bucks. The lady laughed. I didn’t. There were a bunch in people in there and I could hear a little snickering.

Finally someone said, “She’s right.”

Hell yeah I’m right.

Twenty five dollars is not really what I wanted. I only needed to make a point that if I had to pay up for missing, they did too. So I made a deal with her to schedule two drive times (you have to fight for those, believe it or not, and can only make one at a time and they have to be two weeks apart).
I got two for next week. Yay!

After that we took off for Ross, a store that reminds me of a garage sale of never used items of clothing, shoes, and various housewares. Bargains on crap we don’t need.

One of the reasons they sell name brand things at bargain prices is because the product was a massive failure. Spank and I like to look at items in there and come up the reasons these products failed. Most of the time, the item is just fuck ugly.

Like a white shirt with three gigantic buttons on the front.

The suitcase that rolled in every direction but had skulls and crossbones all over it (I almost wanted that).

Funny screw ups are fun to spot. Look at the animal texture baby book:


Didn’t even bother to match the hair color.

Check out the scribbling on this doggie tee:


Gangsta dog?

What’s coming next is such a massive failure of catastrophic proportions, I don’t know why they didn’t take this out to the trash and burn it.

Fire the people who worked on this shit too.

Seriously, it’s the worst thing I have ever seen and I swear I did not move this product to another area to make it “display better.” This is exactly how i found it.

(I almost didn’t post this, it is sooooooooooooooo bad)

But here goes. The Product Failure of the Year. Of ever, maybe.


That. Is. A. Lunchbox.


15 thoughts on “Massive Failure

  1. It is really fun to shop at Ross. There are nice towels and toys for my brothers kids. There are some butt ugly things there, but the people in my area must buy them cause I have never seen anything as awful as what you are showing here.

  2. Gah, those are pretty odd items… I LOVE Ross!! Ours has very stylish clothes at decent prices. Sure there are ugly things mixed in, but that is everywhere! Great housewares section – bedding, decor, bath…. I shop there all the time.

  3. We have a little shop down the street in our small town that gets some of the same stuff, and displays them in similarly horrendous manners . . .

    Way to stick it to the driving school people! I wish you were my mom . . .

  4. I hate Ross, mostly because the downtown store here is a pigsty from people just throwing clothes and things everywhere. But I have gotten lucky a couple of times and found very flattering dresses at cheap prices. However, more often than not, it’s crap like you have here that I wouldn’t touch.

  5. That’s quite the tramptastic lunch box you found there. I’d like to know who thought of that one. I could swear we were trying to keep our kids from having sex, not promoting it.
    Stupid freakin’ advertisers!

  6. Voodoo, I got the infamous Filthy Train Pants (the ones I take with me on all my travels) at Ross. They are my all time favs and I got them at Ross for $5. The funny thing is this was ten years ago and every single time I go to that store I check out the pants section to see if they have any more like that. I know they won’t, but I look anyway. It’s treasure hunting behavior I’m sure.

    Melanie, in the housewares section yesterday I almost *almost* got a funnel cake maker set. Had to have the damn thing. I was also tempted to buy these beautifully decorated boxes. Then I thought about it for a while and realized they are only empty boxes and I couldn’t part with the ten bucks.

    Brian, Spanky said I was her hero yesterday. Most kids might feel embarrassed by what I said, but she just wanted to laugh.

    LOL Ginny. I tried to imagine that these were made for young women and not school children, but I’ve done shift work where we bring lunches and I’ve never seen anyone use a lunch box. Only little kids use those and construction workers use those. Wait. I could totally see a female construction worker with a Playboy lunch box.

    Silverstar, I’ve found some great bargains at Ross, especially on shoes. I have a thing for Skeechers tennis shoes and over the last few months I’ve found a few pairs there at 1/4 the price.

    Michele, “tramptastic” cracks me up.

  7. It would be nice to find new pants like those, The old ones are too big..and were given to to me. Ross has great bargains on shoes like Naturalizer shoes for 20 bucks.

  8. voodoo, if i found a new pair of pants like that again, I’m willing to pay full price. Hell, if i could find them used, I’d buy them all over again.

    Max, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this is was a horrible idea. It really blows my mind.

  9. that’s not an angel, believe it or not, that’s the modernized Tinkerbell.

    That Playboy bunny she’s hanging out with is a bad influence.

  10. I’m sorry, Kit, but I’m laughing with tears when I imagine a five yr old walking into her kindergarten classroom carrying a black lunch-box with a funny-ass red bunny that says “Sunny girls do it better”. I’d give anything to see her teacher’s look. (the person who came up with this should be sentenced to carry Paris Hilton’s bags for life).

  11. “The Product Failure of the Year’

    Like you know and I know and we all know somebody’s parent is going to be packing their kid’s lunch in it. Look for its debut on Jerry Springer!

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