Blane’s Amazing Bubble Show

My son Blane let me use his underwater camera to film his bubble show. It’s an old camera and the battery died on us quickly, but it’s still an amazing show.

Next week I’ll show you the dog’s swimming video. I’ve been busy and my wrists are acting up on me so not much writing these days.


6 thoughts on “Blane’s Amazing Bubble Show

  1. Thanks Silverstar, Is that cake in that graphic for the award? Double thanks!

    Melanie and Michele, after the video plays, there are some cool dolphin bubble blowing videos that pop up at the bottom of the video window. You will love those.

  2. Wow! Those are like “bubble rings!” My dad used to do that with his pipe smoke. Maybe that’s not the best comparison but that’s what it looked like to me.

    This is so cool!! You should photoshot fish swimming through them! And then you can add some flames. I can see the You Tube Headlines: Blane the Amazing Bubble Artist And His Death-Defying, Flame-Jumping Goldfish.

  3. LOL Julie, if I could start an underwater fire, I’d market that and make my million bucks.
    The dog show would be gravy.

    He does some other “art” with his bubbles, they look like jellyfish, but his camera wasn’t behaving.

    I almost bought the husb an underwater camera for his birthday yesterday, but I knew I couldn’t honestly say it wasn’t really for me.

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