I don’t like giving my dogs human food because they have sensitive stomachs, but every once in a while I am curious to see if they would actually eat what they’re begging for.

So I was eating an apple last week and tested Mireille. She turned her nose up at it.

Then Scrappy came around. She took a couple of licks and then went crazy on it, eating everything but the stem. It’s the funniest thing because I had no idea a dog would eat that.

And enjoy the hell out of it.

We all think it’s funny.


10 thoughts on “Scraps

  1. Very cute, Kitty. You just never know what they’ll tie into.

    Both our dogs like apples as treats especially our Jack Russell mix. We found out tho not to give them the whole thing as the seeds are toxic to them. Once in a while is okay but not on a regular basis. We core them now.

  2. Norm, someone else said that about the seeds. Scrappy must know it because she lets the seeds drop to the floor.

    Brian, my dogs love popcorn, they go crazy for that stuff. I heard grapes were poisonous to some dogs.

  3. Our grandparents dog would run over to the apple tree and find a freshly fallen one and bring it to me when ever I would drive up. She would bark and want me to throw it for her. So I would. 3 times. The third time she would eat it and go for another one to start the process over. I wouldn’t throw the third one she would bring me because I wouldn’t want her to get sick….The funny thing is she wouldn’t eat the apples unless someone would throw them for her the first few times.

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