The Swine

Blane says I’m going to be murdering a whole bunch of innocent people because I’ll be giving out H1N1 flu shots the first week of November.


I don’t know how he got into reading all these paranoia spreading conspiracy theory sites, he’s a liberal, sometimes a bit more than I am. Apparently the idea that this flu shot is unsafe is widespread. But hell, if the government is going to wholesale kill people, the first in line would not be children, pregnant women and health care workers.

I’ve spent enough time in after-school detention to know that those two groups are on the priority list to get into the life raft.

It’s your granny Obama wants dead, correct? There aren’t enough shots to go around and those over 65 aren’t on The List (they have been exposed to something similar in their childhood, so they are less likely to contract H1N1).

Maybe we’re being immunized with some top secret serum for the germ warfare they are going to release after all the desirables get their shots?

I hope you know I’m just kidding, I believe the H1N1 flu shot is safe and I’ll be getting mine as soon as we open the shipment. If I don’t return by Thanksgiving, run for the border, the goverment is going to kill every last one of us.

Test your H1N1 knowledge with these ten easy questions.

For more information on the safety of the H1N1 vaccine and other facts about the flu, the CDCs website is :::here:::


22 thoughts on “The Swine

  1. There is a shortage here. My kids haven’t had it yet, and they are talking like it may be a bit before they do.

    Knock the freakin’ wood for me, will ya.

    And I’m so done hearing about all the anxiety over this thing. Good to hear that my go-to nurse is cool with it . . .

    And I found out it wasn’t myopia. It was astigmatism.

  2. Knock knock knock.

    If you do get H1N1, the prognosis is good, but I hear it is a damn miserable time. There are antivirals that prevent it if you have a known exposure, but you have to get the rx early, like before the third day of symptoms.

    Astigmatism refers to the shape of your cornea and it causes nearsightedness, or myopia. Clear as mud?

  3. Hi Kitty,

    “If I don’t return by Thanksgiving, run for the border, the goverment is going to kill every last one of us”, that is funny, i did laugh out loud. 🙂 , thanks.


  4. Around here, the nasal spray is the only way to get the vaccine. There are some doses of the injection, but they are only giving those to people with diagnosed breathing issues. We were going to go this route for my youngest son. He’s got a nebulizer that he uses on occasion, and does seem to get most colds in his chest, but his doctor says that nothing official has been diagnosed, so the nasal spray have to be the only way to go for him . . .

  5. Hey Kumar, good to see you around again.

    Brian, the nasal spray does have some live but weakened virus. Better than getting the live, strong one from a sick person any day.

  6. Good gracious, thank you for posting this. I went a bit crazy this morning when I heard people talking about flu in the hospital waiting room and at the same time as I was cruising facebook. I ended up posting a semi-rant about it because I thought I was going to lose my mind. So happy to see more reasoned folk out there talking real talk.

  7. It is funny, especially when Blane Jr. jumps in on my side.

    A couple of days ago Blane Sr. came here and left a scary comment about the shot and I deleted it. He couldn’t believe I did that, but hey, it’s my blog. (smile)

  8. To my knowledge all (or mostly all) of our healthcare workers are vaccinated now and so far they are still alive. Government hasn’t cleaned out this gene pool. Perhaps I should have sent them a list. LOL
    We got our hamthrax vaccine at the beginning of Oct., the line was so long. I just walked past. Won’t see this girl getting poked with pig juice. I haven’t had any sort of flu since 1997 and I’m not tempting fate.
    As for running for the border… which border were you talking about? I sure ain’t running for the Mexican border, that’s where this crap came from. Perhaps Canada is nice this time of year. 🙂

    • Haven’t seen or heard of any side effects. I’ll be sure to let you know when people start dropping like flies… or would that be pigs? {giggle}

    • That’s because I know that if I did get the vaccination then I would get sick. That’s just how my body works.
      The MMR that you get when you’re a kid and then you get those boosters… I got measles and mumps. And then, I got the measles when my oldest got them and then when my youngest got them. Now how does that work?
      Vaccination my butt.
      I was also blessed with the chicken pox when I was younger, and every stinking time my kids got them. There is no such thing as “you can only get them once”, my oldest got them 3 times!
      Where I work we were forced to get chicken pox vaccinations and some other stabs with the needle. I told them all the times I had them and they kept telling me that it wasn’t possible. LOL. I was so sick after being poked by them. Nothing like your first week of work being sick as a dog.

  9. I must admit I was (and still am) initially leery of taking that vaccine because it is too new and there are well-publicized incidents from the last swine flu vaccine. However, now I am more afraid of catching it than the vaccine. So I will try to get one [when it is available!]

  10. Michele, check with your doctor, a batch of vaccines has just been released this week. If they don’t have it, they should be able to tell you where you can get it.

    Once the high risk people (school kids, medical workers, eg. people most likely to spread it quickly) get their immunizations, risk of infection should level off quite a bit.

  11. My whole household has been down with the swine over the last 7 days. Not fun everyone pretty much just wanted to sleep the first 5 days then the coughing and headache from coughing so much. None of us really stepped out of the house before today.

  12. Entire house sick, oh that is so not a good time. Glad you are all finally getting out. I’ve heard that cough lasts about 7 weeks or more.

    I just got back from the hospital with one of my kids, she spiked a temp this afternoon and got very sick very quickly. Her flu swab was negative, but they are only 50% accurate (a positive swab is over 90% accurate though).

    I hope it isn’t swine, she’s coughing and has that headache. No one else in the house is sick though.

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