Lash Crack

I’ve been seeing people with looooong loooooong eyelashes. Ridiculously long. So long I saw a lady getting hers cut at the salon next to me. I asked the hairdresser if something was wrong with her to have all this overgrowth.

Nothing wrong, she’s using one of those new lash products that grows them thicker and longer. I thought I might invest $150 bucks and do a special here, a product demonstration with some before and after pics.

Sound fun?

Okay, so I’m cheap. I couldn’t part with the hundred and fifty clams. I saw somewhere on facebook that a mom discovered how to mix two household ingredients to get longer lashes. Free. F-R-E-E free. So I clicked that link.

And I tried it.

Here’s the before shot:

Photo on 2009-11-09 at 03.55

After just one night, voila! Here is the after shot:

lash crack

The unibrow (or eyesbrow, as Spanky calls it) is an unintended side effect. Must have smeared this stuff all over while sleeping.

So I shaved it all off and started fresh.

Brown eyes

Wait, what the hell? My eyes turned brown? I’d better put some more of this stuff on and grow an eye fro before anyone notices…

Brown eyes 2

That’s better.

But seriously. Ladies. Those ridiculously long freak lashes are horrible. I can understand if someone has short and thin lashes and wants to improve a little on Mother Nature. A little. But not eyelashes that keep knocking you in the eyebrows. It’s just too much.

It certainly isn’t worth a change in eye color, which is a real side effect of the prescription formula Latisse.  Actually, it can cause patchy brown spots on light eyes, so not even a uniform color change.

What do you think?


14 thoughts on “Lash Crack

  1. Funny!

    Okay, I got them ‘lil strawberry blond eyelashes that barely keep dust out of my eyes.
    I also got them eyelids that dropped on top of the ‘lil eyelashes when I hit my forties, so when I try to improve on mother nature with a little mascara…
    I look exactly like your portrayal of product enhancement.
    I saved a hundred and fifty bucks too!

  2. HI Kitty.
    How are you all doing? They could not pay me to try the stuff. There are more than enough side effects with drugs we have to take.
    While evey one wants to look their best. My dad had such long beautiful black eye lashes, every body said he was too pretty to be a boy. He tried to trim his eye lashes almost blinding him self in the process.

  3. Oh, yeah, cutting lashes and almost gouging your eyes out is another side effect.

    This lash stuff has a chemical in it which is the same as in glaucoma eyedrops (that is how they discovered it grows lashes). I remember those patients having the brown chunks in the coloring of their eyes. It was like a little piece of something got in there.
    I have a hard time believing Brooke Shields actually uses this stuff (she is their spokesmodel).

  4. A friend of my daughter’s was over at the house yesterday afternoon and some of the other kids were asking what happened to her eyebrows, did she shave them. I always wondered that myself because she is a swimmer, then she said she just can’t grow them that she wishes she had some.

    While doing some research for this post I did notice that this product is great for people who can’t grow brows, so when all this stuff came up about the brows, I told the kid about the product. She seemed relieved that there was something out there that might work for her. Poor kid.

    So what started out as a post to poke fun at vanity might end up being something quite useful to someone i know. Life is so funny.

  5. A friend wrote to me and said the non prescription lash product she gets (forgot the name, but they sell it in salons and spas for $150) does not have that side effect.
    I’d like to see if it works, though.

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