Such a Coward…

I’m feeling crappy today because of a dream I had last night that I just can’t shake. It’s one of my best dreams, cinematically. Character is what I have a problem with.

It starts out with me climbing hundreds of steps up a mountain. It’s a setting that looks like a mashup of The Temple of Doom and the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse. Rope footbridges overlooking lush jungle growth around a marble cliffside. Beneath the foilage, five stories of heiroglyphs stamped into white marble.

There are other people like me with their cameras, but no one I know. It must be some sort of remote tourist attraction because there is a stand selling bottled water on the flat and dry mountaintop.

So I go up there for some water and while waiting in line, I spot this colossal vortex on the horizon. It appears as if half the world has folded into it already and it heads straight for us. Everyone scrams for cover except for me. I gotta get some video of this. The wind around me strengthens and I decide to go for cover. I run and run and look for a ditch but find an overpass looking thing. I hide until I hear the earth tremble and no longer feel safe.

More running.

I keep running until I get to a parked SUV. I open the door and get in with a car load of strangers. My heart is pounding, the tornado is almost upon us now, I feel safe, and the car starts when the driver turns the key.

I’ve saved myself AND I have some of the best storm footage ever recorded.

And then…

A little boy comes to the window and asks to come in. I’m about to let him in when, behind him, a crowd of people rush up, all wanting to get in. The others warn if I open the door they’ll mob handle the car and we will all die.

I can see it so clearly right now, my finger pushing down the lock of that door. Through the window I see the boy’s face pressed against the glass. I tell myself he is dead already.

Our car speeds off to safety.

Through the back window, I see the tornado suck up everything. First the boy and the people behind him, then the overpass, the wall of heiroglyphs, the water stand…

When the storm is gone and the sun is back out, we drive back to the scene which now looks like a landfill. News crews begin to pour in and one of the reporters asks if anyone has video of the tornado. I say I do, click some buttons on my camera, and guess what?

No tornado footage. Just video of people waiting in line for water.

Anticlimactic, yes?

I have dreams like this all the time where some big catastrophic event is coming. If there is an ending, I’m always the hero. But not this time. What a nightmare and I feel like such a coward even though it is just a dream.


8 thoughts on “Such a Coward…

  1. Wow. I’m not sure if I’m more impressed by the many levels, themes, contexts, and symbols in the dream — or your incredible memory of it!

    The only dream I can remember vividly is one I used to have over and over again when I was little. Basically, it involved me running along a dirt road to get a doctor for a woman who was struggling in labor. I was moving to slowly running on my feet. So I got on my hands and ran much faster on my hands. Pales in comparison, eh? :’)

  2. That is great, running on your hands, and it cracks me up.

    I’ve read somewhere that dreams last only a few seconds, 30 at the most, but mine seem to be pretty epic. I can also go back to sleep and have a sequel or if I don’t like the dream, go back to sleep and change the ending.

    they don’t always make sense as this one does, but they are almost always pure entertainment. I’m really lucky about that, my husband and daughter have horrific nightmares almost every night.

  3. Um . . . just last night, I too dreamed of a tornado. It dipped from a clear blue sky just inside the rise of our backyard. A child got sucked up, and I’m sure it wasn’t one of my kids. There was a session of queries by the police, for they believed I had done something to bring on this destructive cyclone of death.

    I’m not kidding . . .

    We’ve seen to many tv spots for 2012, methinks . . .

  4. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a spot for 2012, I don’t think it’s that. The night before I had this dream, I was scanning some photos my son took at camp when he was 8. It was his first trip away from home and I think that set this thing off.

    Separation anxiety?

    The funny thing about this dream I forgot to mention was I kept thinking, *how am I going to get home in time to pick up the kids from school.

  5. I read this a few days ago and meant to comment that it’s an astounding dream….I’m glad you recalled it so vividly. I have been having strange dreams since I started taking melatonin. I had one where I was in a group of young black men and women who were being taunted and beaten by a group of white boys. The white boys trapped us in a container set on train tracks. They put explosives in the container and waited for the train to collide with the container. I was in the small tight space, locked in. Panic. At the last moment we escaped somehow but were chased down and beaten…I woke up before I was killed.

  6. Trapped in a container filled with explosives on a track. My heart races just thinking about it.

    I’ve read you can’t die in your own dream but I’ve wondered if this is true.

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